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3 Proven Phases of Launching Your Funnels Successfully & Profitably

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Over the 10+ years of creating offers, developing funnels, and marketing offers to the marketplace there are three (3) phases every person goes through.

Phase 1: Design

During the design phase, it’s all about the strategy! In other words, you should be asking yourself, “How am I going to bring a particular expertise to the market in the most powerful way, and also have impact and profit?”

In our business, we do a “Funnel Day” to design the necessary strategy you need first. A Funnel Day is a strategy session where we show you how to launch your business online in a way that produces 7 figures a year, or 7 figures per month (otherwise known as 8 figures in revenue.)

In our Funnel Days, we dedicate eight hours to focusing on the offers you will bring to the market. We also focus on how you will use those offers to make a funnel and advertise to your market.

For example, let’s say that I am introducing a course on how to become one of the Top Super Affiliates for ClickFunnels and earn more than $10,000 per month on autopilot before I even get out of bed in the morning. In this example, we would strategize and really think, “How am I going to sell that course?” Remember, this would be within those funnels I am going to drive traffic to with the goal of ultimately getting people into the conversation of being an affiliate to earn $10,000 or more per month.

We would also strategize the price that I’m going to sell that course for. I would most likely price it between $497 and $997 based on my knowledge of what other courses sell for, and to what a particular market may act on. Especially since this course is all about teaching people how to earn $10,000 per month or more offering the course for $997 is a “no-brainer,” right?

Next, we would break down and strategize a value ladder that works for the respective market. In other words, ask yourself, “What other products or services can I offer to those who invest $497 or $997?” This is an important question to ask because my goal is to increase the lifetime value of my customers.

We would also think through the avatar at the Funnel Day, which we call the “Perfect Customer.” Basically, thinking through the avatar means thinking through the problems our market faces and figuring out the solutions we have to offer them. In other words, we would think through our go-to-market advertising strategy with the goal of getting some data, and more importantly, some revenue coming in as well.

By the end of the day, we have everything we need to create a roadmap on how we’re going to get you to $1 million a year or $1 million per month in revenue. You may be asking, “Why is there a gap in revenue?” It’s all a numbers game! The more revenue we want to produce, the more we advertise or charge for our products and services. It can be easy to get to 7 figures per month when you have a $25,000 or $100,000 offer. Remember, ten $100k “yeses” are equal to $1 million!

I like what Brendon Burchard says, “The time to have the map is before you enter the woods.” Such as great statement right? You would never attempt to safely enter the Amazon Jungle without a map or a tour guide, would you? I surely wouldn’t! There are too many dangerous animals, plants, and insects that are ready to strike or have dinner in that! Apply that to the market!

We believe in having your strategy and roadmap before you enter into the game of bringing your products or services to the market. After you have the strategy and roadmap, you can tenaciously run towards your goals. Without the strategy and roadmap, you end up chasing shiny objects and getting distracted by every new offer that some guru comes out with right? Have you ever found yourself in that situation? I am constantly seeing some new way to drive traffic to websites! In reality, you should be hyper-focused on creating your own winning funnel and offer. Once you are winning with strategy and your offers, then you can drive all that traffic with funnels.

You can learn more about what you experience during the Funnel Day by scheduling a call with one of our Experts, and they can see if we would be a good fit for your business. Nine times out of ten, every business should start with a Funnel Day. It does not matter what you sell considering you should always be seeking advanced strategy and clarity first, especially from achieved and proven experts!

Next, once we have the strategy and clarity, we will move into phase two.

Phase 2: Build

Once you have the strategy of what you’re going to bring to the market (your offers otherwise known as products or services), and how you’re going to bring them to the market (your funnels and your traffic/advertising strategy), then you can move into phase two, which is the build phase.

In the building phase, things such as branding, photography, scripting, video production, website development, course creation, funnel development, offer creation, membership site development, sales process development, technical integrations, email creation, integrations, etc., are being created and setup.

It helps if you have highly trained and proven experts, like us, all on one team. Importantly, having specialists all on one team in each of those areas mentioned above will help and guide you through the process of creating a winning brand and winning offer your market will desire.

Don’t bring junk to the market!

The products and services you offer to your market will be a reflection of who you are. Bring your best self to the table and the market will congratulate you by buying your products and trusting you with their hard-earned dollars.

Build something that will last!

Truly think about what you can sell for five to ten years down the road. Think about an offer that won’t go stale or and product you won’t get bored of selling. I have found that creating products around my expertise and interests prevents me from getting bored of selling them. When your offers charge and energize you, your market can feel your energy, passion, and authenticity. When I am passionately performing, I am not simply being an actor to sell something, I am confidently standing behind my offer. The authenticity and energy I bring as a result of standing behind my passion is the real reason why I know others will desperately need what I have to offer in my products.

I want you to really think about the following statement and adopt it today: “Everyone needs what I have to offer!”

I have witnessed poor results from those who had the opposite and negative conversation and belief. As a result of a negative way of thinking, their products and sales were not initially successful. Once I helped them adopt the mentality of “Everyone needs what I have to offer,” I always saw a positive shift in their business. Positivity paves the way to success, and a gateway to keeping your success is entering into a persistently positive way of thinking. If you are having trouble being positive, find some clarity fast so you can finally achieve confidence and success! In other words, get with experts like us so we can ensure your clarity all the time!

Remember, your beliefs about your offers play a significant role in determining how they are received in the market. If you don’t believe that everyone needs what you offer then why are you selling it?

I fundamentally believe that every business owner, author, expert, speaker and coach needs is to have their own offers. These entrepreneurs also need to have a funnel or two to take people through a process in which they buy their products or services online.

To me, gone are the days of having to sell only one-on-one, or selling at farmers markets. We now have the internet that allows us to sell things 24/7 and 365 days a year. Why not have a system for selling online that helps you make money while you sleep?

The challenge only becomes greater while creating an offer that people desperately want and need, and displaying the offer in a specific way in which your market will respond.

Now, let’s move onto phase three. Many people somewhat know about this next phase, but they don’t understand the depth and importance it actually brings to your strategy of being successful online.

Phase Three: Optimize & Scale

We have arrived to phase three, where the FUN begins. This is when you turn ON your advertising and you begin to get traffic to your funnel. This is where the results start to speak for themselves.

Now, there are three things that take place during this phase.

#1: Advertising Management & Optimization

For example: let’s say you want to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your new funnel. That would be a great idea in most cases because Facebook is a great source of traffic if you know what you’re doing.
The process with Facebook Ads is as follows: you design the image, set up the ad, write the copy (text on the ad image and in the ad itself), and then you turn the campaign ON once the settings are setup properly to target the right audience you’re going after.

What happens after you turn on the ads is what matters most! You start to get information otherwise known as data. That data is vitally important because it tells you if you’re winning or if you’re losing. You have to ask yourself, is that ad a loser or is that ad a winner?

Well, you will know if you are winning based on a few metrics. How much does it cost for you to generate a lead or a close a sale? Do you know your numbers? For example, if I know that it costs about $5 per lead to generate a webinar registration but I’m getting a $10 webinar registration from that ad, then I know that ad is clearly not winning. If I get a $4.20 conversion on that Ad then I know that I’m winning.

Don’t kill it before it gets good! One mistake I see a lot of people make is that they kill ads way too early. It takes some time to pass for Facebook to kick in and give you the impressions and clicks that you need to determine a winner or a loser. So, my advice is to let your ad get enough impressions and clicks to tell you if you have a winner or not.

If you have an experienced Facebook Advertiser helping you with your ads, they will know how to spot winners and how to spot losers fairly quickly so you don’t blow through ad budgets.

I highly recommend hiring an experienced Facebook advertising manager to run your Facebook Ads for you rather than trying to wear every hat in your business by running theFacebook Ads yourself. I do suggest buying a few of the best courses on Facebook Advertising to learn, so you can make educated and high-level decisions.

However, the best thing you can do is try to hire someone to run your ads in-house on the same marketing team (like we do) to ensure faster tweaking across every marketing medium for scaling, as well as to avoid “pointing the finger” issues across the different businesses you hire. At the very least, it’s better to just hire ads services out to an experienced team of professionals who stare at Facebook Ads all day long for fun rather than your time being taken from you. Time is money!

#2: Funnel Management & Optimization

Now that you have the data from your advertising, you can make the adjustments necessary to your funnel that you need to make. For example, while our team was running a webinar funnel and driving traffic through Facebook Ads we were noticing that our conversion rate from the ads was about 22% and I just wasn’t that happy with that number . I then made the high-level decision to “optimized the funnel” and changed the headline. That one, simple yet profound, change of our headline made all the difference. The conversion rate went from 22% to 43% and stayed over 40% across more than 100,000 visitors to the page with that headline change.

You see once you get the traffic, then you can make the adjustments necessary to tweak and improve your ads and your funnels. It is absolutely critical that you make these adjustments tweaks if you are going to be successful online.

You must embrace KAIZEN, otherwise known as “constant improvement.” KAIZEN is a Japanese philosophy that I have adopted into my life way back in 2005 when I was first was introduced to Tony Robbins and personal development events. KAIZEN has made the difference for Toyota, who is now one of the largest automobile companies in the world!

With funnels, offers, and advertising you must adopt the KAIZEN philosophy to grow. Your offers will either grow or die. Your funnels will either grow or they will die, and your advertising will either grow or die. Be sure to have someone on your team that is going to manage and optimize your funnel.

I was talking with one of my business partners yesterday and he was saying how he thought one of his funnels was working until he logged into his platform and found that something had changed. The partner’s funnel had a change because one of his tech guys was messing around with it.

This confirms again the fact that you need to be managing your funnels. It is also possible for software to update or change and that could mess with functionality, and could also cause “things to break.”

This is why I encourage you to hire a funnel team or funnel manager who can manage your funnel and always be keeping an eye on making sure your funnel is up to speed. When you’re running ads to your funnel you especially want your funnel to be working 100%. If your funnel is broken, you will be wasting precious advertising dollars and a familiar saying goes, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

#3: Offer Management & Optimization

The third piece in the optimization and scale phase is offer management and optimization. Optimizing and scaling comes into play when you’re running a LIVE webinar. Knowing this, what do you think happens when people don’t buy or you don’t get the conversions that you thought was possible?

We had this happen to a well-known expert. Everything worked flawlessly for this expert, and the lead acquisition cost to get people registered for his webinar was awesome – under $5 per lead. The only problem was that only 3% of the webinar attendees were actually buying what he had to offer. So, what did we do? We had to refine, tweak and adjust his offer in order to get the conversion rates over 10%, which is where they should be on a LIVE webinar.

However, the best adjustment we made was dropping the price, and as a result, the conversion rates went up drastically! The other major adjustment we helped him with involved the tone of his voice and energy. He was accustomed to selling more monotone and neutral to one-on-one clients, and not to a large group of people from around the world on a webinar. Once I told him to bring his energy to his next webinar, the conversion rates nearly doubled from the energy shift he made. Can you imagine that? He increased the energy output he thought he was properly controlling to make a sale, and finally allowed his passion to come through for his presentation and offer, then he essentially doubled his conversion rate!

As one can see, managing and optimizing your offers are very important! You must take ownership by stepping up and managing your offers and optimize them as the owner of YOUR products and services. You will have to optimize your offers and products to the point where they sing, or otherwise known as “converting well.”

In my 10+ years of creating and making offers, I am constantly refining offers and making offers more appealing to the people who are curious about buying them. It’s something that you will need to either get good at yourself or have a team, such as ours, who can help you to create and refine your own winning offers.


There are 3 phases needed when launching your expertise online successfully.

Phase One: Design. This is where you strategize and map what you sell and how you sell it online.

Phase Two: Build. This is where you design, script, produce and build all of the things that you need in order for you to start driving traffic and conversions.

Phase Three: Optimize & Scale. This is where you tweak, adjust, manage and optimize your ads, your funnels and your offers until you’re winning.

If you don’t WIN right out the gate (and you probably won’t), just remember it’s all a part of the process and you just need to apply the philosophy of Kaizen to your ads, funnels and offers.

With optimization comes improvement, and with improvement comes results. With enough improvements, you will produce the results you are looking for and are dreaming about. The key is to stay in the game long enough to WIN at a high level.

In my 10+ years of marketing online, I have found that not all ads, funnels or offers initially win, but because I stay in the game of creating and optimizing those ads, funnels, and offer I WIN. When you apply this same mindset and philosophy to your business and life, you will WIN too.

I look forward to helping you WIN!

If you need help with your funnels, we can help. If you need help creating winning offers, we can help. If you need help with advertising, we can help! It would be an honor & privilege to to help you WIN.  Click Here To Schedule a Call and receive a FREE Strategy Session!

I highly encourage you to hire and partner with a team of professionals who eat, live, and breathe digital marketing like we do to WIN more often and lose less frequently. Winning often is the fastest path to success. Find someone who is more successful than you in an area that you want to be successful in. Aligning in some way with someone who is more successful than you will help you be successful, that is essentially what Tony Robbins believes, and I agree with him.

To your success, abundance and winning offers,
Bryan Dulaney

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