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The Movement

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We Are
Legacy Builders™

Legacy Builders™ are entrepreneurs who are committed to using their expertise, knowledge and results they have been able to produce in their life and the lives of others to bless and enrich other people’s lives.

Legacy Builders™ are driven and fueled by contribution and love.  We give back because to whom much has been given, much is expected.

Legacy Builders™ think more about others and their success than we think about ourselves.  We look to leave a dent on the Universe, otherwise why else even be here?

Us vs. Them

  • We add massive value to other people’s lives and first “earn the right” to make offers (sell our products and services). We give more than we take.
  • We use our expertise, knowledge, skills and how to advice to bless others and in return we are abundantly blessed. We tap into and contribute to the growing $1B per day Self-Education Industry.
  • We focus on the future by building our legacy and the legacies of our family. We think long term and have both the vision and faith to see our plans become reality.
  • We align ourselves with the “right pack” and understand that “together we are stronger” than any single individual trying to do it by themselves. Together we move mountains. We are in this together.
  • We are not only focused on wealth creation but we are focused on building legacy as it relates to all areas of life: health & wellness, faith, family, spirituality, business and financial freedom.
  • They focus on selling and making offers. They come across as “pushy” or “salesy” and do not apologize for it. They wear it like a badge of honor.
  • They simply sell their products and services and do not understand the value of “value first” and think that it’s a waste of time, energy and money. They don’t understand the bigger, larger picture of educational based marketing.
  • They focus on the here and now. They focus on short term gains and quick surges of cash.
  • They think they can do it all themselves. They isolate and try to do it all by themselves. Driven by pride and ego.
  • They are primarily focused on making money and accumulating wealth. They are unbalanced in the other important areas of life including: health & wellness, faith, family, spirituality, business and financial freedom.

We Are Fighting Against “Do It Yourself” Syndrome…

Legacy Builders™ fights against the idea that you have to do everything on your own.  There is strength and power in numbers.  We have the experience and expertise you need to take your knowledge, expertise & results and get it to those who want and need it.  We know what it takes to cut through the BS out there, and launch your products or services better than anyone in the market.  You do not have to do this alone and you should not do it alone unless you want to struggle.  Let us help you!

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Yes, Learn It And Then Hire The Best…

We believe that knowledge is power when applied.  We also believe that  you should be “in the know” but you should not try to do it all yourself.  That is a recipe for disaster.  We highly recommend that you learn it and then find the best of the best to “do it for you” to produce the results you’re looking for.

This is what the most successful people do in our industry.  They align themselves with those who produce results and they pay them to help them produce similar or better results.  This is the secret to success as it relates to marketing you and your business online.

2006 Building Funnels Since
2,150+ Funnels Built
$250M + Generated
10M + Lives Impacted

Our Manifesto

We are creators.
We are innovators.
We are visionaries.
We do things that make a BIG BANG when we launch them
We care about impact more than we do about income yet income is vital to growth to make more impact and the fuel to go bigger and impact more people’s lives.
We think beyond ourselves.
We think beyond our family now.
We think into future generations.
We dream up visions of a better tomorrow.
We dream up visions of a future full of love, joy and peace.
We dream up visions of a happier place, where people are friendly to one another.
We dream up visions of adventure and exploring new & different cultures.
We don’t wait for this to happen.
We make things happen, we produce results.
We teach others our knowledge encouraging others to surpass us and do even greater things.
We share our wisdom to those who are ready for it.
We care about others more than we care about ourselves.
We serve first knowing that we will be served.
We bless knowing we will be blessed.

We want more out of life.
We want a better future.


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We Are:

  • Fueled by Impact & Results
  • Committed To Creating The Future We Desire
  • In It To Win It Together
  • Passionate About Other People Being Successful And Creating The Life They Love

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