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Anthony Rivera Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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My name is Anthony Rivera. I’m from Tucson, Arizona and the business I want to build a funnel for is building funnel hubs for experts.

Uh, it’s been about five to six months that we’ve been working on trying to launch a funnel hubs. 

What I love most about today was really spending the entire day focused on this one issue and really outlining everything that we needed to consider in order to make a solid plan.

Prior to finding out about this experience. I would say I was a little uncertain about exactly how we could fulfill, you know, the the need for funnel hubs without scaling our team. Now that we’ve gone through this experience, I feel a lot stronger that we’ll be able to do that.

The reason we wanted to do a done with you service is that we’ve always done things a certain way and we wanted to try just to do something different so we didn’t want to just come up with a solution based on our history, the way that we’ve always done things. We wanted an outside perspective of somebody that’s been really successful with not only a done with you, but had done for you agency and helped them to build an offer that’s going to allow us to grow without scaling our team too into huge sizes.

Uh, some of my concerns coming into today was that, uh, Bryan wasn’t gonna get like exactly what it was that we were trying to accomplish. Um, and as a result, we weren’t going to be able to like hit the nail on the head. Um, I’m happy that he was able to easily understand everything that we’re trying to do and provide us with the insights that we needed to create that plan. 

Um, today exceeded my expectations because honestly, when we came in, um, I wasn’t sure we were going to leave here with an actual plan of action. You know, I thought there was gonna be more ideas, which honestly we didn’t need at this point. Um, and I’m happy to say that what were walking today, walking away with today is a solid plan of solid foundation that we’re going to be able to execute on to move on from here.

I’d say the unexpected discovery that came out of today for me was that we’re going to be able to achieve massive results without doubling or tripling our team. Uh, we’ve always been a done for you agency and as a result, every time we get more work, our team has to grow with that. So we came up with some clever ways on how we can take advantage of this opportunity without having to scale our team along with it.

I’d rate the value compared to my investment probably a hundred times what we invested, honestly, like we were able to put some calculations together and based off of what we’re seeing, it’s not going to be hard to turn this into an eight figure business with some very simple inputs and things that we think are manageable, not only from an investment perspective, but also with our team 

After completing the day. Um, I totally feel like Bryan has a good understanding for what our businesses and what we’re trying to achieve. As a result, I know he’s going to be somebody I can go back to ask for more advice and be able to feel confident that what he’s providing us is accurate based off of his understanding of our business. 

I feel like our, our opportunity to succeed is really great. Like, I feel totally confident in our plan and I feel like it’s a great foundation for what we need to do in order to succeed. Um, and it’s all based off of what we’ve done today and go really building the confidence around our team to know that this is the actual plan that we need to execute on and it allows us to move fast.

For anybody that’s considering a funnel day, I’d say you need to go for it. You know, honestly, it’s real easy for you to try to think about all this stuff on your own and waste a ton of time, waste a ton of money, testing things out. You know, Bryan’s obviously done a lot of this work already. He knows what works and he knows what pitfalls we could potentially run into. So this is just going to easy way to collapse time and accelerate how fast you’re able to grow with your funnel.

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