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Blake Templeton Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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My name is Blake Templeton from Lubbock, Texas. And I want to build funnels for an investment firm and a Christian influence.

I’ve wanted to build a funnel in launch, um, brands like this for probably two or three years.

What I enjoyed most about today was to throw it all on the white board to move stuff around and actually see what really sticks once you actually get it all in one single place. 

As far as vision, uh, I’ve always had a lot of vision. The, it was just the, what are the key points that have to be placed in the right spot to actually make that vision happen. And so from where I was before coming to where I am now, there’s been a massive shift. So in that shift is specifically, it’s just one seeing that, wow, how did the brand influence the amount of people I want to actually draw to my zone of genius is actually possible based on the road map that we’re actually creating right now. 

So the difference between finding like a a la cart marketing service or a marketing director or a done for you is completely different. The a la cart is the mindset that you can win some, you can lose some and you don’t really know if it’s actually a good service. The marketing director, if they don’t have the within depth to actually go find the people: i.e. agency style, then they only good at one single piece of that pie. So the done for you service is all the width and depth that they’re actually offering you they actually can fulfill for you, which allows you to stay in the vision seat. And that’s what I really enjoy about this service. 

My largest concerns going into today. We’re specifically that, um, by the end of the day we wouldn’t have something that was tangible that I could see and believe in what actually happened. 

Yeah, I would say that, um, by the end of today, um, I feel that what we’ve put together will actually meet my expectations. It’ll actually, um, take what I actually want to happen to reality.

An aha moment for me was specifically that in our Boron Capital Investment brand, that the ability to drive mass traffic with story is, uh, is powerful. And sometimes you get stuck in the weeds and you forget how powerful a story is. And um, so I’m really excited about the story that we’ve got for our brand for Boron Capital. 

One thing I’m encouraged about Bryan is that he has history that proceeds himself. And so seeing, uh, seeing what he’s done, not only online but hearing the testimony from others is super encouraging the time we’ve got to spend together, um, it’s been a lot of cutting up, but a lot of getting to know each other on a deeper level and I truly believe that he’ll be able to take us to the next level for Boron Capital. 

Yeah, I believe after today that we’ll be able to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is drive massive influence and create massive experience of transformation in people. 

The bottom line, if you had the experiences that I’ve had from the a la cart marketing system or the finding a marketing director who tried to fit too many things in their bucket, uh, this is actually what you need. You need someone who can actually hold your hand in from the beginning to the end and actually do the all the extra work for you that’s not your expertise.

It’s time to take it to the next level. Looking forward to having to a figure awards this year!!

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Always in your corner,

Bryan Dulaney

CEO, Perfect Funnel System

P.S. Did you know I died and was brought back to life?

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