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Bradley Gibb – Partnership Testimonial Success

bradley gibb cashflow tactics

Listen to what Brad Gibb from Cashflow Tactics has to say about his experience working with us after his One Day Private Intensive where we mapped out his fastest path to $1 million in revenue called a “Funnel Day” and through his build/development phase into the launch of his funnels, offers and advertising, which we call Optimization & Scale Phase… where all the fun and results begin to flow in.
The result = $1.44 Million in less than 90 days. So from launching their brand online to generating over $1.447 million in the first 90 days of advertising spending less than $36,000 to generate that revenue.
We are in the business of “Minting Millionaires” like Brad Gibb with Cashflow Tactics and if you would like to build funnels for your business (generate leads & sales), launch products or services for your business (sell products or services online) or want to scale your business, we would love to help you.
We can guide, coach, mentor and help you knock it out of the park just like we have for Brad and his company Cashflow Tactics where he has gone onto getting into the Two Comma Club in less than 90 days of launching his advertising and being LIVE with the funnels that we built for his business.
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In your corner,
Bryan Dulaney
CEO, Perfect Funnel System
Here’s the transcript from Brad’s video above:
Bradley Gibb: “My name is Brad Gibb, but I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. With a business partner, I run a company called, Cashflow Tactics, where we teach the only financial strategy aimed at building cash flow and helping individuals become financially free in 10 years or less.”
Bradley Gibb: “Before coming in contact with Bryan, his team and the Perfect Funnel System process, our business was going well. What we wanted out of it, was, we didn’t wanna just continue to serve everybody. We had a very specific message, and we had a very specific person that we wanted to influence and make a difference for. We were stuck between the day-to-day running of our business, and trying to figure out, how to create a message, create an influence and get the expertise that we built over the last decade or more out to the marketplace.”
Bradley Gibb: “The biggest problem that stood in the way of us being able to do that, really was the success that we were having in our business. We were so tied up and busy in doing what we had always done every day, that anytime we took time out to focus on marketing, once side of our business would tank. When we got marketing up and running, it would completely overwhelm us on the implementation side of our business. We couldn’t continue the teeter-totter between spending time in marketing, which is a full-time constantly on process, as well as doing what we love inside of operating our business.”
Bradley Gibb: “What attracted us to Perfect Funnel System and to Bryan and his team was, we tried hiring contractors, or people piece meal here and there in the past. While we got good service, what was missing was, somebody that would come in and take ownership of the process and take not just, tasks off of our plate, but take the strategy, take the optimization, take the everyday paying attention to what’s going on, off of our shoulders, so that I could be full-time invested in what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing. We needed somebody that wasn’t just gonna be proficient at tasks, we could sit there and come up with and figure out and give to them. We needed somebody bringing, us proactively, the solutions that we needed, to be able to run the successful front end of our market.”
Bradley Gibb: “What pushed us over the edge and really sealed the deal on working with Bryan and his team at Perfect Funnel System was, the opportunity to not, again, not just hire them for a task to be done, but to feel more like we’re in a partnership, where he cares about our results, as much as we do. It was not just gonna be another situation where I had to drive all, of the decisions and all, of the strategy and all the expertise forward and manage that process. I could really turn it over to somebody that I could trust, that had experience, that had results, and that would be running and bringing that, and bringing those proactively back to us.”
Bradley Gibb: “The results we got, were immediate, way faster than we had ever really expected. Just in the development stage, we had struggled so much, formulating and taking the expertise that was in our heads, and knowledge we built, and putting that into a format that the market could understand. Right out of the gate, we got clarity, we got focus, and just in the interactions, inside of our business, before we even got any marketing off the ground, we started to see amazing impacts, in just getting that clarity and having somebody pull that information out of us.”
Bradley Gibb: “From day one, the very first time we started implementing marketing strategies, we immediately were attracting the type of client that we wanted to talk to, we immediately started to be seen as the expert, and being positioned exactly where we wanted to be in the marketplace, from day one. Then, it didn’t stop there. We weren’t … Even though we were getting great results, Bryan and his team were not satisfied with the initial success that we had. On a weekly basis, we got new information, new tweaks, new advice, to continue to make the results better. He even took it further, where he would come out and work with us, on a one-on-one basis, additional intensives, to continue to improve the process.”
Bradley Gibb: “Really, what I love most about the process is … I mean, if we really boil it down to the implementation of tactics, there’s lots of people that can create videos or create PowerPoint slides, or do the underlying tactics. What I like, working with Bryan the most about is, he understands and can explain to me, the strategy element of it, and how all the pieces come together. When we say, “This is what needs to happen,” I know that all, of the details, all of the pieces are gonna be taken care of. It’s not just Bryan. Bryan brings any piece to the table that we need, whether it’s video, whether it’s copy, whether it’s design. I don’t have to worry about how it’s going to get done. We just decide that this is what we want. We’re moving forward, toward that objective. Bryan handles getting the results.”
Bradley Gibb: “One thing that was very important to us, in picking somebody to work with us on this intimate of a level, is that we had to have full trust in who they are. We believe deeply in our message, we believe it’s way more than just a service we’re providing. We believe we’re genuinely helping people. Very quickly, it was apparent, Bryan viewed what he’s doing in his business, the very same way. It wasn’t just about bringing on another client.”
Bradley Gibb: “I felt at times like, I had to sell Bryan on working with us, because he spent time understanding our business, getting to know who we were as individuals, and what we were trying to do in the marketplace. He was evaluating whether our company and our way of doing business and what we were doing for clients aligned with him. That spoke volumes to us, because we wanna work with somebody that has that level of integrity and that we can put our trust in.”
Bradley Gibb: “Working with Bryan, over just the last few months, my business and funny enough, my personal life is almost unrecognizable. Before we felt we were forcing our message, pushing, and really just constantly pushing a rock up a hill. Now, it feels like the marketing and the messaging and the branding and the community that Bryan has helped us to build is pulling us every day forward, into our business, into the next piece of this. It’s so much more enjoyable, because I’ve got clients that are engaged, that feel like we aligned with our purpose.”
Bradley Gibb: “Every day, it’s a joy to wake up and do, and perform in the elements of where my expertise is and what I really enjoy. Knowing that I’ve got Bryan there, handling the pieces that are crucial and vital to keeping this going, but that I don’t have to spend every minute worrying and stressing and tweaking things that are taking me out of my element. The peace of mind and really, the satisfaction that comes from taking the expertise that I’ve worked so hard in my life to build, to see that impact so many lives, and begin building a community and a culture and a following, has been transformational.”
Bradley Gibb: “If you’re considering working with Bryan and his team of experts and making this decision, I can’t recommend him highly enough. The ease and simplicity and really for me, it comes down to the constant improvement and the fact that he’s never satisfied with the results, he’s messaging me and taking care of things, and pushing forward our results, constantly. That really was the key element for me.”
Bradley Gibb: “That was the only thing that was gonna drive our business forward. I needed a partner, a person that was vested in our message and building what we were doing, in order for this to be successful and for it to be a partnership that worked out. If you’re looking for somebody to take that off your shoulders and move that forward, so that you can be the creative, work within your business, and have a little, bit of time to enjoy life, then there’s no one better than Bryan.”
Again, after reading this, if you need help launching your expertise, selling your products or services or taking your business to the Next Level and beyond we would love to chat with you and see if you’re in alignment with our values and that you have what it takes to truly scale your business like we have done for Brad and his company Cashflow Tactics like you have just read and listened to in this video and blog post.  Click here to schedule a call with one of our digital marketing experts today.  Don’t wait.  Stop chasing shiny objects.  Let’s help you get into massive implementation and execution, which is the ONLY thing that is going to move the Profit Needle in your business.
P.P.S. We were with Ryan and Brad at Russell Brunson’s Mastermind called the Inner Circle (which people pay $50,000 a year to attend) and you can see a video that one of the other members captured while we were sharing the results of what we have accomplished in less than 90 days and wait to watch Russell’s reaction at the very end 😉

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