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Bradley Gibb Testimonial – Financial Freedom


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Here’s the transcript of what Bradley said in the video:
My name is Bradley Gibb, and I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I want to teach entrepreneurs and investors how to control of their finances and really achieve financial freedom.”
Man, the first time I really got introduced to this idea was: Once I realized that I need to learn how to control the reign, to really control my lead flow; it didn’t matter how good my product was. It didn’t matter how good I was at getting results for clients. If I couldn’t put my message into the marketplace and control that, then it was never going to materialize.”
For me, it was getting clarity. I’ve spent a lot of time, I’ve read hundreds of marketing books, joined tons of masterminds. I have the knowledge in my head, but getting a clear, focused strategy toward the result that’s going to be unique to me and be successful for my business? Walking away with that clarity was the biggest takeaway for me.”
Well, I’ve always been the type of person that once I know what I’m shooting for, I can go achieve that or knock it down. What brought me hesitancy and really made this process longer in achieving the success I wanted, but what’s made it longer than necessary is not knowing what target to shoot at. I’ve been trying to do five things at a time instead of knowing the next domino, the next piece, and the next target. Now I feel confident that I can knock that over and go after it, and nothing will stop me from being able to do that.”

The concerns I had were … That it was just going to be a: “Here’s our box, and you’re going to fit into that box, and we’re going to show you how you fit in the box.” Rather than taking a system or a process and molding that around who I am and what my business is; that’s been my experience with other opportunities or other “Done for you” products that were really just: “Come in, order off the menu and we’re going to force you into this box.” Rather than it being custom tailored to me and my needs.”
It absolutely exceeded expectations, and what exceeded my expectations was how in-depth they got with us throughout the day. It wasn’t just, “We’re going to quickly go through the agenda that they already had for us.” They really spent time getting to know who I was, what my business is, the impact I’m trying to make, and how they could take their expertise and mold it around who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. It really blew me away how much research they did, before we even showed up in the room, I felt like they already knew me, already knew where I was going to be struggling and really took the time to dive into that rather than just moving right through a process.”
I laugh because it’s almost silly, but it was so simple. Now, it’s clear and I almost laugh or kick myself for trying to spend so much time doing it myself for learning all the steps, when I could have just shortcut that and taken … What I built up is a very complex thing, that’s now very simple, clear, and easy to accomplish.”
It’s like, infinite, right? It’s how much time I can get back. That’s a resource that I can’t get more of. I can always get more money. I can always sell more, I can always do those things, but now I’m getting back that resource that is truly scarce and limited, which is time. So, I feel like I’m getting way more time back than the cost of actually … The monetary cost of being able to do it.”
A hundred percent, because you took the time to get to know me, to get to know what I’m doing. This was very personal, this was very intimate, and I do feel confident that you understand where I’m trying to go, and that you can bring your expertise to helping me do that faster.”
I feel confident. For the first time, I can see a path to run-down, rather than trying to chase … The old Chinese proverb comes to mind, “He who chases two rabbits catches none.” I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing in the past, and now I’ve got the target that I need to chase, and I’m confident we’ll get there.”
It’s a no-brainer. What do you value more? Do you value the money that you’re giving or the time or the acceleration or the potential impact you can make by getting your message out and your product out to the marketplace?”
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