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Chad Peyton Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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All right, my name is Chad Peyton. I’m from Santa Cruz, California. And the thing I’m most excited about with affiliate marketing is just the fact that I get to promote something that I’m extremely, uh, excited about and I get to extend my reach and get that message out to a lot more people than I can do on my own.

I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing for probably the past nine months, maybe a year. Um, I’ve been doing a lot of referral based business on my own and I’ve had, you know, some pretty decent success, you know, by my measure. Um, and once I saw that success, I knew that I needed to do something to leverage technology and leverage other people’s experience to increase the results I was getting. 

The thing I love most about the affiliate day is that I knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing coming in today. And now I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how affiliate marketing is structured and beyond just the structure of it, I’m walking out of here today with, uh, at least one template, almost completely built. So all I’ve got to do now is go tweak a few things and do a little bit more work on the back end and I can essentially implement it right away.

So prior to learning about a z affiliate day with perfect funnels, I was not super confident that I was going to be able to get the reach that I really wanted and and talk to, or present this to the biggest group that I could get it up to. Like I just didn’t feel like I was going to be able to get this message out to the number of people that I wanted to get it to.

The reason that I chose to come to an affiliate day and to learn it this way from a coach instead of trying to do it on my own, is that I just knew that I came and learn from someone who was an expert in that field, that my learning curve would be, you know, a lot flatter than if I was trying to do on my own. If I was trying in on my own, I would have to go learn all of this on my own and I wouldn’t, you know, this way I have the ability to use some leverage someone’s experience to get the results I want in a lot shorter timeframe. 

Some of the concerns had coming into this day is that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought I would be in way over my head. Um, cause like I said, I have zero experience with affiliate marketing prior to this day. And uh, those concerns were alleviated. You know, I still feel like I was fed from a fire hose cause it’s a lot of information when you’re going from zero to where I am now. Um, but the way that it was taught, the way that it was structured, uh, like I said, it gives me a really good grasp on the framework of how it’s built out. And more importantly, I’m walking out of here with the tactics that are in place to execute the strategy for my vision.

So today’s absolutely exceeded my expectations. You know, I really didn’t know what to expect. Um, but the way that Bryan presents the, the course essentially, or the content is, uh, just in a very methodical way and there’s a lot of background in context, so you fully understand why you’re doing certain things. And that really helped me cause that’s how I learn. If I don’t know why I’m doing something, it just doesn’t stick. So having him show you that aspect of it is what really made everything stick inside my mind and made me confident that I can go out and execute on the strategy. 

I think the biggest aha moment that came out of today was the fact that I came here wanting the affiliate marketing to be an end state. And I realize now that it’s probably just the beginning of a totally new journey into something bigger than just affiliate marketing. 

So having gone through the whole day, I think that’s the value that I’m going to get out of this investment is going to, I’m going to give them a massive return on my investment. I think I’m going to look back on the amount of money that I spent today and uh, laugh when I, you know, thought that it was kind of a big, big investment to make up front 

Now that I’ve completed an affiliate day, I’m convinced that I’m going to achieve the results that I set out to achieve before I, if you’re considering doing the affiliate day and you’re thinking about how large the investment is to make [inaudible] and you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to commit to that, I would just implore you to take the leap, make the investment in yourself and do it. Because I think the results that I’m going to get out of this and the results that you’ll get out of this for making that investment are going to far outweigh that. Initially 

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