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Ecosystem Mapping Exercise

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Did you know every market has an ecosystem of people who serve that market, people who are thought leaders in that market, people who are service providers in that market, etc…

My question to you, “Where do you fit in the ecosystem of your market?”

I was inspired to do this exercise the other day and I asked myself a few questions, which really helped to define clearly my role in the ecosystem of my market
“What am I the best in the world at?”
“What do I love talking about?”
“Where do I provide the most value?”
“What is my gifting?”
“What is my role?”
Then I just started a list down my notebook:

  • Morning Rhythms
  • High Performance
  • Biohacking
  • Spiritual
  • World Changers
  • My near death experience
  • High ticket selling
  • Fill your agency
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Identity
  • Rhythm reset
  • Creativity hacks
  • Energy hacks
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Funnel strategy
  • Offer strategy
  • Advertising strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Scaling businesses
  • Instantly Noticed
  • Seeing holes in business and where they leave money on the table
  • Presence/how to show up
  • Disrupting the status quo
  • User experiences
  • Being the Expert

Here’s my list from our exercise: (using MindMeister) – Note: this is the short list.
You can see a list of some great topics and I encourage you to do this exercise yourself.  Personally I suggest that you first use a good ol’ fashioned piece of paper and a pen.  Get your ideas out and then use something like MindMeister to organize and digitize it so you can easily reference back to it whenever you need to remind yourself of your brilliance or whenever you need to remind yourself of the highest and best use of your creativity.
Now, you can see with my ecosystem, that there’s a few key main categories.  These are the one’s that fire you up, get you excited and makes you come alive more than any other topic.
You see, when you position yourself in the market you want to take what you are the best in the world at and combine it with what you absolutely love that fires you up and you could talk about for days on end.  That’s what will carry you through and will allow the creativity to flow more effortlessly through you.
What stood out for me the most doing this powerful exercise to create clarity was:
The fact that my top overarching categories that I love to talk about are:

  • Spirituality
  • Being The Expert
  • Sales/Selling
  • High Performance
  • Marketing

Then I was able to list a ton of topics under each category such as:
High Performance:

  • Biohacking – energy hacks and clarity hacks
  • Morning Rhythms
  • Clarity
  • Energy
  • Productivity
  • Influence
  • Courage

Now, I’m sure you can gather from this list that I can create another 10-20 topics from each of these broad topics as well.

The point of the exercise is two fold:

#1: Get clear about your brilliance in the ecosystem.  Clarity is power.
#2: How you can serve your ecosystem at your highest level.  I would propose that topics you can talk about effortlessly will allow you to start conversations online in your market and will attract the right type of people that you want in the conversation with you.

I encourage you to do this exercise now!

After you’re finished the exercise then you can begin to create a content production schedule where you can start having these conversations online.
Now, if you need help with launching or monetizing your expertise I would love to help.  To start the process of discovering how we can help you launch and monetize your expertise, click here to schedule a complimentary call with one of my digital marketing experts who have been personally trained by me.

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