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Funnel Day with Chaz Loschiavo's

Chaz Loschiavo

My is Chaz Loschiavo I’m from Tucson, Arizona, and I’m looking to build funnels for the assisted living industry. How long have I wanted to build and launch a funnel for my business? It’s been probably two to three years. Now that I’ve been looking into it.

What did I love most about today? Uh, the clarity that I gained, um, and the overall game plan. So three months ago, um, how I was feeling about bringing my strategy to market was I was kind of all over the place, kind of lost. Um, I had a little bit of direction, but I didn’t have the confidence to really go for it full force. Um, but coming to funnel day definitely gave me clarity and confidence in what I got to do next to make things happen. So what had me consider a done with you service over, building it myself while I wanted to go with, uh, someone that has extreme credibility and who’s done it, um, Bryan and his team, and that was kind of a no brainer for me with, uh, his track record and who he’s worked with and the results he’s, um, the results that he’s produced for others.

So I want the same for myself. Okay. So some concerns that I had prior to come in, I think were mainly about me having to do it all. Um, the marketing side of things, the product development, the launching, the planning of it. So I think my concerns were, uh, they, they were really around that aspect. Um, but that was all cleared up coming here. And now I know that I just have to focus on, on what I know and, you know, my expertise and Bryan and his team can handle the rest. So what unexpected discovery came out of today, I would say the importance of the value ladder, Bryan and I went over to the importance of, um, how it doesn’t matter as much if you break even, or, you know, have like a lost leader on the front end, if you have the value ladder stacked, um, which just opens up a lot of opportunities for yourself, but it also gives your clients an opportunity, um, to have that much more, uh, value created for them. Um, there’s a lot more ways that you can deliver value to your clients by stacking, um, the value ladder in your favor.

So do I feel like Bryan understands my business and can help me get to where I want to go with my goals? Absolutely. Uh, we were almost speaking the same language when we were talking about my business and as far as getting me to where I want to go, um, it’s clear as daylight that, uh, that he can do that. And he’s very confident that he can help me achieve my goals. So how do I feel about my opportunity for success now that I’ve gone through a funnel day? Um, I kind of feel like I like have a golden ticket and then I have like a secret weapon in my back pocket by having Bryan and his team on my side. Honestly, it’s pretty exciting. So what would I say to someone that is on the other side, who hasn’t decided to come to a panel day?

I would say if you’re looking for extreme clarity and an actionable plan and the confidence that you can reach really big goals in this arena come to funnel day. And if you want your success completely accelerated, I would for sure come to funnel day, if not, then, then I wouldn’t. There was, it’s almost like you don’t know what you don’t know. And when you get here and Bryan starts mapping everything out, you’re like, wow, I didn’t even think of that. I didn’t think of that. I didn’t think of this. So coming here was, was a big eye opener and, um, I think anyone can get a lot of value out of it and really open your eyes and give you clarity on what needs to be done. And the beautiful part about it is that you only have to focus on what you’re good at and they focus on the rest.

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