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Funnel Day with Glenn Blain


Listen to what Glenn Blain has to say about his Funnel Day Experience in San Diego, CA with Bryan Dulaney and Michael Mushlin.
Here’s the transcript of what Glenn said…
“My name is Glenn Blain and I’m from Alpine, Utah and the business I came to the Funnel Day for Blain Marketing. We create leads for real estate agents and brokers.”
“I would say about two years now.”
“What I loved about the Funnel Day is that people care. That I had friends here and they could speak candidly to me no matter what the subject was, that we could really just dive down into what is true and how we could give a result to a problem.”
“Before the Funnel Day, I had no idea on how I was gonna get it all done. There’s so much work to it that it was just overwhelming to me and it was really cool to come here and be able to find new avenues for the problems that I had.”
“They have the ability to build a professional funnel, not just website and not just a funnel, but a professional one. Something that gives results to customers. There’s just something to sitting down with somebody and really pouring out the truth about it and being able to work out those problems, to give solutions in being able to structure a plan to it all.”
“It exceeded my expectations and the reason why is because I didn’t get what I wanted, but I got what I needed. I think that a lot of it was just that there’s reality and that I have to build a business for that reality and Bryan and Michael and the people that work with them, they know that and they’re not afraid to tell you that.”
“I should have paid at least double if not 10x of what I did, really honestly. I think that this day was so important for me and my business and my customers. I think that the team here understands my business more than I do at this point and I’m really excited about it because I know that I have people that I can go to and really work on not just myself, but my business and everything else all together when I’m with these guys.”
“You know it’s kind of like hitting a home run. Right before you hit the home run you don’t know if it’s going to really happen or not, but I’ll tell you what, I do have the confidence to step on the plate and really swing for the fences.”
“You’re gonna learn what you need to learn to build yourself and your business.”
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