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Funnel Day with Josh Cunningham

Josh Cunningham

Hi my name is Josh Cunningham. I’m the founder and CEO at Rocker Box, which is located in College Station, Texas. And we’re the premium ISA solution for real estate professionals all across the country. And I’m here today meeting with Bryan to help sharpen our funnel so we can make it even more of a positive impact on real estate professionals lives all across the country.

So I’ve used funnels in my business for quite some time, um, and understanding all the different pieces in the funnel helps you understand all the different efficiencies or inefficiencies that you can have. And so after years and years of, you know, fine tuning our own funnels, we realized it was finally time to step up to the plate and, uh, and seek out the expertise of Bryan. So it’s been years now that this has been on our plate, but finally the time is now to begin focusing on it. What I love most about today was, was probably just the one on one interaction with Bryan. Uh, I mean, it feels like I it’s the end of the day now, but it feels like I just got in here about 10 minutes ago. Cause you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. So, you know, just getting connect with Bryan and, and getting to talk shop and really get to, you know, see how his brain works and see how his strategies get to lay out. It was just the, just the time just went by so quick. It was a lot of fun all day long.

You know, prior to today, I was a little anxious about, you know, how this is put this, this experience was going to be like, and exactly how, you know, clear I was going to be about my vision. But, uh, you know, I guess I had pretty high expectations and I could see they were absolutely blown out of the water. I have even clearer vision now than, than I even anticipated before I walked in here today. So I’m very excited to see, you know, the next steps in the process and, uh, and what’s going to come from it.

So the reason why I, you know, I was excited about a done with or done for you services, you know, I’ve, I’ve understood over years and years of masterminding and investing in continued education for myself and my business that, um, there’s, you can fast track your business and you can fast track your life a whole lot faster if you’re willing to make the investment and the pay for the experts who are already where you want to be. Um, so that’s, you know, that’s why no more time messing around with myself, it’s time to finally make the investment and, uh, seek out the expertise that that Bryan has.

Yeah. Before I arrived today, obviously did a little homework on my own, do a little self reflection on, you know, my business and where it was and where I wanted it to be. And, um, you know, Bryan actually provided a really great questionnaire that kind of, kind of put me in the right mind, state my mindset for having this conversation today. So, you know, I filled out the questionnaire, had some good points of reflection and, um, you know, it was very prepared to come in here with an open mind and in a state of vulnerability to allow someone else to kind of pick through your business and show you some better ways.

Oh, the funnel day definitely exceeded my expectations. Um, again, not to say that I wasn’t expecting a lot, but, but again, the, the results and the experience here today was just a lot more than I was anticipating. So I highly recommend it to anybody who’s, you know, in that state of funk or curiosity, or, you know, you’re kind of really trying to decide, like if you’re ready to take to the next level, uh, you know, from the, from the end of the day here, I am important to you saying it’s, it’s completely worth it. Um, again, all my expectations were blown out of the water. So it was a great event today after having completed the funnel day. I mean, I would give it a, you know, five golden stars, 10 out of 10, perfect score. Again, definitely exceeded my expectations today. You know, I knew that I had a lot of high hopes for Bryan and his expertise, but, uh, you know, to really get to talk through my business and be in this one-on-one environment, uh, it really, you know, made it very clear to me that, that, that Bryan knows what he’s doing and I’m happy to stay involved with him as long as possible.

Yeah. I’ve actually known Bryan for a couple of years now. And in mastermind settings, we’ve, we’ve talked and chatted about businesses and stuff, but, you know, today I definitely feel like walking away from the table, we both have a very thorough understanding of each other’s businesses and, and how we’re gonna be able to help each other out and, uh, and each other’s goals. So, um, yeah, he definitely asked me a lot of questions, got to get some behind the scenes and, you know, stories about how I grew in scale, uh, th th th the solution. And then he also provided the same for me as well. You know, he was in a state of vulnerability and in a state of sharing and, and talk to me about some of his, you know, secrets and hard lessons learned in growing and scaling his business as well. So walking away from the table today, again, I’ve known Bryan for several years now, but we definitely have connected on a much higher level now. So I’m very appreciative of that.

now that I’ve completed the funnel day it’s, it’s, it’s really just a matter of time, um, before, you know, these results are gonna start to appear. I mean, it was, we saw, it was very clear today that, you know, just given some of the inefficiencies that we currently have and, you know, we can fine tune some of those things as well as some of the out, but outside of the box strategies that Bryan presented as well, I’m fully confident that, that I’m going to get well above what the goals were that I set, um, when we started the funnel day to day,

if you’re considering a funnel day, and you’re not quite sure about whether or not this is the right investment for you, I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been in this space for almost a decade now. And, and there’s, there’s so many big promises that you see out there on the web and, you know, at different real estate events and masterminds and business conferences. And so, again, there’s, there’s a lot of promises, a lot of shiny objects that seem to be out there in the space and out there in the market. Um, but you know, again, I had the opportunity to meet Bryan over the course of a couple of years through a mastermind setting and, and really got the, you know, meet him and learn and understand who he was as a person. But not only that you get to hear about all of his clients’ success along the way.

So, you know, it kind of eventually just became a no brainer to me, you know, knowing that, uh, I knew Bryan on a personal level and I was seeing the clients that he was working with and seeing the transformation that he was making in their lives. So it helped remove all that sort of fear of am I going to make, you know, cut a giant check to some mystery man on the internet who has no idea what he’s doing, but I actually, you know, knew that Bryan knows what he’s doing. I know some of his clients personally, I know the transformation he’s made in their life, and I know it wasn’t just him attaching himself to someone else’s success. It was actually the things that he did for them and their business that helped them achieve that success or that freedom. And so, yeah, it just became a no brainer. And so once I finally saw that the abundance of proof, so to speak, um, you know, I just finally got to the point in my business where I was challenged enough and decided to take that next step. So I’ve made the investment. I finished the funnel day and super excited about where this is going to take our business in the future.

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