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How a Trade School Funnel Makes $34 Million a Year

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Welcome to episode 32 of Legacy Builders with Bryan Dulaney. 

We all know that taking on a new challenge in business doesn’t always work out the way we intended. Whether it’s launching a new business or a funnel, when things don’t go as planned, sometimes the best course of action is to pivot and try something new. That’s exactly what happened with a trade school company that tried to create online classes and webinars, but instead of completely changing their business model, they looked at what was working and scaled that even higher. 

Believe it or not, funnels are not just for selling online courses. In this episode, we’re diving deep into a trade school funnel that’s scaled to $34 million a year, an incredible example of a non-traditional business model that can still make a ton of money through strategic online funnels and ad campaigns. Listen in to find out how! 

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