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How To Become An Industry Leading Expert When No One Knows Who You Are

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This blog post is from my interview with David Woodward from ClickFunnels.

“Bryan reveals how God literally saved his life so Bryan could help awaken others into living their soul’s purpose.”

“Bryan provides the details on how he helps 7 figure earners leverage their expertise. He uncovers the strategies he uses to help his clients sell high ticket coaching and the price points that work on webinars and those that don’t.”

Show Notes

[01:45] Bryan’s near death experience
[04:20] What is your core belief system?
[06:09] What’s your soul’s purpose?
[09:54] “Seek and Ye shall find”
[11:13] How to get your mission out there and become a true expert
[15:16] How to build a list when no one knows you
[16:01] Biblical principles to business
[19:59] How to sell high ticket offers
[20:31] Price points that work on webinars and those that don’t
[21:14] What does an average webinar registration lead cost
[24:35] What conversion rates do affiliates want to see before they promote
[25:58] What kind of conversion do you see who sign up from cold traffic, then show up live, encore recordings and final stats
[28:12] What percent of people who show up buy
[31:04] Tips for people getting started with webinars
[33:20] 4 keywords for those who are more advanced at using webinars
[36:17] How to get a hold of Bryan

“My soul’s purpose is to awaken others into living their soul’s purpose”
“A core seeded belief in my system is that everything happens for a reason, and that God has a plan and purpose for all of our lives and the faster you can find it, the better”
“I think one of the greatest questions that we could ever answers “What is your soul’s purpose?”
“Done is better than perfect”

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