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How To Tap Into The One Billion Per Day Industry Growth of Self-Education

1 Billion Day

Hey guys, super excited to share with you a few things. Number one is Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi have a another launch coming up of their brand new course, which is the gold standard in the industry called KBB. We’ve got an even better bonus package this year. Last year we won an award. You can see it here for being the top five affiliates for Tony and for Dean, and we went to Fiji and it was really fun. This year we decided to double down. All right. The reason why we decided to double down is because after having over 500 people enroll in their course and then having the opportunity to work with them through all of the different bonuses and events that we have as bonus for buying their course through us, right? That’s how we’re incentive. We’re an affiliate of theirs. We get paid a small commission and an exchange, we’re able to give you incredible bonuses, which you can see at mastermindbonus.com I mean, this year we’ve doubled the bonuses.

Last year we sold over 500 units with half the number of bonuses and this year we decided to go all out and really find where the holes were. Where are people getting stuck and what was missing? Right. I mean the course by itself and the software that they’re selling is absolutely incredible. It’s the… Again, the gold standard in the industry. I mean it’s the best program that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been doing this for 14 years. So I want to tell you a little bit about my story about why I’m so excited about this is because the self education industry is set to triple to be about a billion dollars a day. It’s like $325 billion a year according to Forbes.com so what that really means for you is that if you have knowledge or expertise, you have wisdom that can help other people. You have the opportunity to leverage and get on the bandwagon of the increase.

The wave of this increase of how the industry is going to grow and is going to scale. So for me I grew on East Coast, Pennsylvania, Honey Brook Pennsylvania over there by Westchester, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. And I grew up with a traditional path, right? I mean, go to school and get a good degree and get a job, make a good living for yourself, provide for your family. Take vacations a couple times a year and enjoy life. But growing up, as I got older and that path really didn’t resonate with me anymore. I really wanted to be my own entrepreneur I wanted to have my own business. And the very young age I found myself starting all these different little ventures. Even helping my dad when I was 13 in his business.

And so really we’re at an age right now where the traditional way, that’s a good path for a lot of people, but for a lot of us, it’s not the best path. And the world is really ready and willing to pay people who are experts in their craft, they have developed a skillset or a knowledge that can help other people. See, we’re ready and we’re willing. That’s why the industry set to grow. We’re ready and we’re willing to pay people who have results. And at the end of the day, that’s all it matters, right? I think about my journey of traditional education, right? Went to school, went to college, went to a couple of different colleges because I transferred a few times. I nearly died and went into a coma, came out of that coma and went on a whole different journey. It’s another story for another time.

But that’s a pretty radical story of my past. And I saw that the numbers just weren’t adding up to me. Right? I was learning from someone who was book smart but had never done it in the real world. And I just found that to be just so out of alignment and not congruent with what I was looking for. And then I launched into this world of internet marketing. And I started as an affiliate, promoting and selling other people’s stuff. Kind of like I’m doing right now with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, like we’ve done in 2019 and now we’re doing it again in 2020. And I remember when I had a little bit of success, I remember that the smartest thing that I could have done was to go find a mentor who had already done what I wanted to accomplish, who already achieved what I wanted to accomplish.

I hired him to help accelerate my success. It collapsed time, just like I did when I got my second degree black belt in Taekwondo, right? I would’ve never in a million years got my second degree black belt in Taekwondo, took me seven years, by the way. Would have never gotten that by watching YouTube videos, right? Like, that’s ridiculous. Right? Or I would’ve never gotten it by watching videos at home from someone who never practices Taekwondo, right? Like that’s even more ridiculous, right? But it just shows that the old model, the traditional way really is broken in my opinion. And what I love about Tony, what I love about Dean is that they are helping to shift the industry to really take advantage of this increase of the industry going from where it is to almost a billion dollars a day, where it’s going to triple by 2025 according to Forbes.com so in my opinion, we could never be at a better time in history than now because of the increase that’s set to happen.

I like to say this, it’s kind of like being able to invest in Apple when the shares were 100 bucks. Imagine if you could invest in Apple when the shares were 100 bucks. Now they’re what, 300 bucks a share or more. Right? So imagine if you had that insight. Well, I’m kind of giving you that insight now. That’s the insight that Tony and Dean are giving out to the world as well. So I want you to know that Tony and Dean, they have a live training coming up in a couple of weeks. And right around the corner, it’s like February 19th I believe it starts. You’re going to want to get registered for that training. You’re going to want to hear what they have to say about the industry shift, and about the growth, and about the opportunity. And about how you can… There’s never been a better time in history than to turn your expertise into revenue for your business, for your family, and help people in the process, right?

Make that impact on other people that you know is possible. So register for the training, but before you invest in their course, the cat’s out of the bag. I mean, we’ve got a bonus package. There’s literally $38,000 worth of stuff. Literal values of things that people already pay us for things that we already sell. And I’m not going to go into the details of what’s on that page because you can go to mastermindbonus.com and check it out for yourself and see a detailed description of every little thing that we’re giving away. In fact, last year we had people that didn’t even want their course but said, “Your bonuses are so insanely awesome, I’m going to buy it anyways.” We had people that would buy a program, they would buy it through someone else and they’d buy through us just to get our bonuses right.

That’s how much time, energy, and attention that we put into our bonuses and I think the biggest thing is that we want to see you. If you’re going to invest with Tony and Dean, we actually want to see you implement it. We don’t want you to be a part of the 9% of people who go through a course and never do anything with it, right? That doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve the world. Right? But what does serve the world is if you go through their program and then you let us hold your hand through the process and then implement it with you. Having our brains thinking, creating and working for you during the process so that you can actually launch something and you can actually produce some results from it, not only for yourself, but for the other people that you can actually serve.

With your knowledge, your wisdom, and your expertise. So check it out. It’s mastermindbonus.com you can see all the details there on the page that you need to register for their training. And then also it’s very clear about how to take advantage of all of the incredible bonuses that we have in store for you.

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