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How We Won Top 5 On The Biggest Launch In History For Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Selling Over $1M In Two Weeks

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My team and I had less than one week to prepare for what was said to be the biggest launch in history that was going to “break the internet.”

It was a Friday afternoon, that I was prompted, to support Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi in the launch of their New Course called KBB or known as The Knowledge of Business Blueprint.

So, we put together a bonus package for our list and the market. You can see the list of bonuses here and I highly encourage you to invest in the course because it’s one of the best courses that I’ve seen in my 13+ years of marketing, advertising and selling online.

When you invest in Tony & Dean’s course and software, you get all of our bonuses that are actually worth more than $19,000 in pure value and the market said, “Bryan and Nick have the best bonuses” which to me is exactly what I was looking for.

What happened next was incredible.

We sold more than 446 courses at $1,997 for Tony & Dean, which you can see here in the screenshot:

2 Screen Shot 2019 12 07 at 12.37.00 PM

And here you can see Nick and I being awarded on stage by Tony & Dean themselves for an awards ceremony that they held for the top 100 promoters.

Now, I say all of this because this is what we can do in just a few weeks of promotion! We closed that number of course sales in just 2 weeks.

Imagine what we can do for you… if we have even more time to help you create your offers (what you sell), build your funnels (how you sell it) and then apply our advertising and marketing power to bring customers to your table.

I would encourage you to make sure you Schedule Your Call with one of our Funnel Experts to see how we can help you today.

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