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Jackie Roese Shares Her Experience

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Michael Mushlin: “Now that you’ve done a Funnel Day, do you feel our team understands your business and can get you where you are looking to go?”
Steve Roese: “One of the interesting surprises to today was how quickly both Brian and Michael understood our hearts, the passion and vision that comes from behind that started the organization, that started the dreams and what we’re trying to accomplish here. That was a quick connect. I don’t think that’s easy. I don’t think in a lot of circumstances you find people connect that quickly. Yeah, I think the Funnel Day gives us a good sense of who we are and what we’re about, and that these guys know what we’re about and what we’re trying to accomplish, and that together, we really are going to be able to make some things happen.”
Jackie Roese: “I just want to add to that. One of my greatest fears always in ministry and maneuvering around is that someone will push me to a corner that I don’t want to go, or make me be somebody that I’m not meant to be. I’m always really leery and conscious of that when I enter a room. Do they really understand who I am and what I uniquely bring to the table, or are they just gonna try to put me in a pile with all the others, and that didn’t happen. There was a deep understanding of, if you will, some fears and some guidelines I have for my own self, for my own integrity of holding on to my unique self. There was a real gentleness to that and I didn’t feel like anywhere was I being pushed that I didn’t want to go. Yeah, I think it was a fabulous experience.”
Michael Mushlin: “How do you feel about the opportunity for success and your ability to realize your vision now that you’ve completed a Funnel Day?”
Jackie Roese: “The idea of being able to reach the success that I … I don’t even know if the word is “success,” but the drive that’s in me to be able to help women to comprehend fully who they are and bring all of themselves to life’s table. I don’t even know if I really believe it yet that it can happen. That’s how discouraging it’s been. So, there’s hope. I’m leaving here with some hope of this might really happen. We might really impact millions of women. I don’t even know how to get my hands around that yet, to be totally honest.”
Michael Mushlin: “What would you say to anyone considering a Funnel Day or who may not be sure the investment is right for them?”
Steve Roese: “Think through the past. Think through your vision. Think through have you really accomplished what you really set out to do? Are you really reaching the people you want to reach? And if not, this is a proven system. These are good people with good hearts. Seriously consider investing the money. It will be a good investment and it’ll pay itself back along.”
Jackie Roese: “I’m not a real tech-savvy person or someone who loves social media and all that kind of … I’m kind of a bookworm. I want to be with people and inside a book thinking and inside my head. This idea of using online webinar system, the web, the technology, it might be the new way in which ministry needs to start thinking about doing what we do. ‘Cause, it’s kind of a left-hand turn. But I think it might be the future for how we’re supposed to get our ministries going. And if I can say that, anybody can.”
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