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Jesse Rodriguez Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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So my name is Jesse Rodriguez, I’m from San Diego, California, and I’m looking to build on our network marketing business.

I’ve been looking to build and launch a funnel probably for the past two and a half years, specifically a funnel. The more research I did into it, the more I realized that this is kind of the wave of the future of where things are going in the fall and to expand my business well enough that these are, this is what I needed to get itnto.

The thing I love most about today is that I saw the vision in my head put onto a board in clarity. So I’ve been studying this market for awhile now, and it’s like bits and pieces that I can see, but I never really knew how to take what it is that we do and make it make sense for our market. So seeing that come from my mind, all discombobulated on to a page that was clear, that was the biggest thing for me.

So my vision is always clear, like I’m going to be successful no matter what. It’s just a matter of you know, how I’m going to be successful. That being said, seeing what’s what the funnel with the possibility of a funnel can do in terms of advancing my business much, much quicker and to a much broader amount of people is what really excited me about today. 

I’ve tried to build it myself for a lot of years and that’s not my profession. So I’ve always been taught that if you want to get something done, you hire a professional to do it. So its always much more value in hiring somebody whose profession is to do something that for me to try to figure it out, I’m sure I could figure it out, but it might take me five or six years to do it as well as these guys, if I was even capable of doing that.

So coming into today, the biggest thing, the biggest concern for me was in the regulated market that we’re in, are we able to make, are we able to make a funnel, do what we need it to do and still, you know, come in and draw all the regulations that we have, and what it is we do with direct selling. And so after seeing it today, you know, all of my concerns have kinda been alleviated based on that. I know that it’s possible and I know that we can actually create that structure and still be well within the guidelines of what we do. 

I would say today it met my expectations and exceeded them. Like I knew what I was going to get cause I had seen a ton of Bryan’s content. I had bought a bunch of his courses. I’ve studied a lot of this stuff. Um, so I already knew what I was getting walking in the expect. The exceeding of the expectation really came when you actually see it come to fruition and you’re able to see what it is you’ve seen, not specifically to you in other trainings, when you’re able to ask those questions and get specific direct answers as to what it is you’re trying to do. That’s where it really exceeded my expectation was it was so simple for him to make it really, really clear and show us the path that you know, that he sees our business growing based upon his experience in the field and in building these funnels.

The aha moment really for me was how simple it was. In my mind I had all of these different things in these different avenues of where we were going to go and how I was going to build. To see it stripped away down to its inessentials to where this is literally all you need to have and understanding that the power really was in not just the sequence of how you’re doing things, but the content that needs to be created in order to make those, um, those things successful. Like that was the Aha moment was that you really need somebody really experienced and that’s to make your vision come to reality when it comes to this stuff. 

Well, the value far exceeded the investment. I mean you can’t, I mean you can, I was gonna say you can’t pay for this. You can, but at the end of the day, the biggest thing is, is that having somebody donate their time, not donate, but give you their time based upon what it is you’re trying to do, that you really see the value of what that is. Like. I have so much more respect now for Bryan just realizing that his time is indeed worth that. And then some. And so that was, for me, that was the biggest thing.

I believe without a shadow of doubt that that Bryan understands our business and that he knows exactly how to make it scale. And it’s just a matter of us, you know, teaming up to make it happen as quickly or as slowly as we want to make it happen.

Now that I’ve completed today, I know without a shadow of a doubt that, that the vision is there and actually I’m able to see beyond what I was able to see the first time coming in here. Like I had a certain number specific in mind and it, it just kind of, it blew me away what the possibilities were just by speaking to you and realizing that I was thinking too small in terms of this online community. And so my, my vision’s been actually expanded. 

So I will say this, if you’re considering a funnel day, it means you’ve already done the research. You’ve already been dabbling in this and kind of, you know, poking your toe in the water in terms of building your business and taking that leap of faith. I say with beyond a shadow of doubt, if you’re serious about building your business, then you need to, you need to jump in, you need to cannonball in and you need to to just read me. Rest assured that the people that you’re putting your faith in know exactly what they’re doing. Their track record is solid and you’re going to be put at ease within the first few hours of just sitting down and talking through what it is that you’re doing. So, you know, just take that leap of faith!

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