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Jimmy Vreeland – Partnership Testimonial Success

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Listen to what Jimmy Vreeland has to say about his experience working with us after his One Day Private Intensive where we mapped out his fastest path to $1 million in revenue called a “Funnel Day” and through his build/development phase into the launch of his funnels, offers and advertising, which we call Optimization & Scale Phase… where all the fun and results begin to flow in.
The result = $1.44 Million in less than 90 days. So from launching their brand online to generating over $1.447 million in the first 90 days of advertising spending less than $36,000 to generate that revenue.
We are in the business of “Minting Millionaires” like Jimmy Vreeland and if you would like to build funnels for your business (generate leads & sales), launch products or services for your business (sell products or services online) or want to scale your business, we would love to help you.
We can guide, coach, mentor and help you knock it out of the park just like we have for Jimmy and his Turnkey Real Estate Company where he has gone onto getting into the Two Comma Club in less than 90 days of launching his advertising and being LIVE with the funnels that we built for his business.
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Bryan Dulaney
CEO, Perfect Funnel System
Here’s the transcript from Jimmy’s video above:
Jimmy Vreeland: “My name is Jimmy Vreeland. I’m from St Louis, Missouri, and I run a turnkey real estate investment company. My life was a bunch of, a lot of dreams and aspirations. A lot of reading podcasts. A lot of inspirational speeches. A lot of me thinking I had great ideas. I just, you know, the world wasn’t ready to hear them. That it wasn’t the fact that I didn’t deliver well or that I could not create a message for a mass audience. That internal frustration in my own mind about a stand I wanted to take and a message I wanted to bring, it did affect me personally. But it also affected my business.”
“My business, it was idling. It had customers, but it did not have committed customers. It didn’t have my ideal customers. It was missing a little bit of the passion that I have now. Creating a coherent message and being, even for myself personally saying, “I’m taking this coherent stand”. I had a bunch of ideas floating around in my head and in my business. There wasn’t anything, you couldn’t look at my marketing message or my business and really understand what we did.”
“My two business partners knew who you were and had saw some of your results, and so I went off their referral. Well the first obstacle was, “Who is Bryan? Does he know what he’s doing? Can he deliver what he’s saying?”. Then the actually terrifying part was, let’s say I made this investment and let’s say Bryan did deliver. Am I able to deliver? Am I a good enough leader? Am I a good enough businessman to be able to leverage the investment I made with Bryan? Then is my business systematized, and does it have enough processes to leverage the investment I made? With any business transaction, of course there’s the vetting of the individual making the offer. But then there was a vetting of myself to say, “Could I actually leverage this investment?”. That was the most nerve-racking and terrifying part.”
“A big part of it was the certainty that my business partner Brad had. I trusted Bryan. I saw Bryan’s results. I had to believe in Bryan. But it was certainty from a business partner saying, “The time’s now. We can do this”. Because my initial reaction was, you know, “I’ll do this investment six to nine months from now. I’m not ready right now”. There was big results inside the development phase, because we went from a big jumble of ideas and a big jumble of concepts to, you made us focus and bear down on, what was our message, who’s our customer, and what is the stand we’re taking? Even through the development process before we even launched, that was a huge return for me. Since then we actually, now we, these ideas have turned into a product. A product that’s profitable, and a product that gives me my sole purpose business. I wake up more excited everyday, because instead of a bunch of jumbling of ideas and, “Why can’t I deliver this message?”, now I have a vehicle and a process to deliver the message. Now I’m able to go out and work for the stand that I’ve chosen to take in my business.”
“I love the challenges. This is, I’m a sales guy. I’m a very sales guy. I love, one on one conversations are incredibly easy for me. The reason I can get away with non-coherent thoughts is because in one on one conversations, I can take one person on a non-coherent journey and still close them at the end for whatever reason. But if you are going after a mass market and trying to create a following and be a thought leader, it’s an art. How long have we been working together? It’s been less than five.”
“That means less than five months is, what I’ve realized is that what Bryan does is an art form. Getting through a webinar and persuading people and showing that you know what you’re talking about is an art form. I know there’s a bunch of science in there, but the truly hard part for me is seeing the art. Just telling my own personal story, we took what? 50 takes. I see your stories on your webinar. It looks easy. But it’s truly an art.”
“I mean if we were creating a company to hose people or create an offer we couldn’t fulfill on, I think you’d fire us. You start the entire process with integrity and honesty, and really living out your sole purpose or something that you’re passionate about. For me, that gave me instant credibility with you. I was able to get excited. I always dreamed about creating a business like this, and then your system and you allowed me to facilitate it.”
“The cashflow, the info side of our business is fun. I don’t really sweat the info side of the business because you’ve created, our team’s created a business that is fun. That it’s systematized and it’s reproducible. We try to get better every week, but it’s fun. Now I’m able to focus on the fulfillment side of my business. That since I’ve got a great team helping me with marketing and the sales, now I’ve been able to, the last five months, really dive deep into the operations and fulfillment in my business, because you’re laying out for the marketing. I’m not trying to learn a new marketing technique. You’re just telling me what to do and then I go do it. Then life wise, there’s a confidence level I have now because I’m able to share a message.”
“I’d recommend working with you because you see results. We saw your prior customers, that also helped to convince. But everybody you work with is getting results. I’ll be honest with you. When Bryan first dropped the initial investment on me, I shit my pants. If you shit your pants after Bryan gives you an offer, you’ve got to look at his results.”
You must take action to get results…
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