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Jonathan Webber Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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So great. You guys, my name is Jonathan Weber. Uh, I’m from Los Angeles, California, I built a business in network marketing. Uh, in the course of probably my first two years in, I was able to go to business that, uh, took me to the top 1% of the company. I’m obviously very excited to come down and, uh, meet with Bryan to help scale that business to the next level. Uh, had a great opportunity to meet with them the day I’m excited about what’s to come in the future.

Um, so I’ve actually been looking into, uh, online marketing, uh, developing, dabbling over the past maybe two and a half years. Uh, but it wasn’t until recently that I found an opportunity to really build an amazing funnel. Um, by doing a little bit of research, I found out that Bryan was the guy to go to and, uh, so I had to come and meet with him. 

You know, today I truly appreciate, uh, the way that Bryan was able to hear, like the vast majority of what we had to say, uh, really scrape out all the excess and have a concise, uh, structure as to how to build something great. Uh, I love the fact that, you know, uh, he took, you know, he took his time, went through step by step, uh, answer all of our questions and made us feel comfortable and secure about what was possible for us in our industry and how to move forward.

So honestly, prior to coming down, I mean, I, I know no matter what, I’m gonna succeed and have success. Um, but sometimes you’re in a space where you’re like, it’s just a matter of time before, uh, you know, you strike the match. And, uh, I got to the opportunity, I got opportunity to meet Bryan and really realize that today, uh, can literally help take me from where I have been to the next level and explode in this business. So I really feel like, um, today we’ve been able to create what could possibly be a great partnership in the future. 

You know what, uh, in any industry or in any area of life where you choose, where you choose to be highly successful, it’s always to your advantage to find a mentor, the size to your advantage to find someone who’s done it, uh, who has a proven track record, who has a success resume. Um, and if you’re smart enough or, you know, it’s awesome to to be an open book but also be a sponge and really what’s the follow that particular person to have success. Very, very few people who’s followed the exact same steps as someone who’s successful and then not hit that mark and be successful. So that’s what allowed me to choose the done with me portion of the program.

What my biggest concern was that we wouldn’t have the clarity to figure out how to do it for our market or our industry, uh, in terms of different regulations and how to keep things, uh, you know, up on board. Uh, but like I said to my shock and to my amazement, I realized that it was a great opportunity to find someone who can literally take what the big idea was, scale it down, uh, create a structure and then realize how for real, to teach us how to explore that opportunity. 

Today actually did exceed my expectations. Um, its something about the personal touch. Uh, the opportunity to meet with someone face to face, get an opportunity to see that they’re really in it. Um, they really have teeth in the game. They’re really in it with an opportunity to like, for you to actually succeed. I think one of the biggest things for me is when we just, when we talked about, uh, how to, how the value that we, that I produced from this, should I go with the, you know, should I go with this opportunity, how it will be like an aligned partnership. For me, that was like pretty much early on when I heard that that was where I kinda was like, all right, I want to go with this guy. Um, that was probably definitely the determining factor for me.

So for me, the aha moment was where we looked at how this could really apply to any industry. As long as you align with the right people to make it happen.

I think it was a great… today was amazing. Uh, it was a great value. Um, a lot of respect for our, for Bryan’s time. Um, we know that time is more important than money. Uh, so for him to take time to actually invested in us and really teach us how to actually take our business to the next level, I think it was a very, very high value. It was an invaluable experience. 

Definitely! Yeah. So after completing this, I definitely feel like Bryan can not, not only understands my business, uh, can support us in taking this work when you do go. Um, I’m looking at finding, uh, maybe a sister, or a cousin of his, uh, that I could marry so I can figure out a way to kind (laughter) , no, Yes I think it would be a great opportunity. I think he, I think he definitely understood it. Uh, again, it blew me out the water, how fast he was able to Kinda hear what we do, understand, understand it. Uh, take us from where we are is show us a path to, uh, you know, uh, a path to the success that we would like to have in our business. 

Based on the type of person I am success it’s going to happen no matter what. However, uh, there’s something about, uh, like I said, mentorship, there’s something about being around people who have already, who have already done it. So anytime that you have the opportunity to be around someone who’s already done it and really listened to them and, uh, kind of pick their brain so to speak, uh, it’s just, you know, there’s so much value. So therefore I know that it’s gonna save me a lot more time. Um, which is again, probably like the biggest value of, you know, up at all.

I will say, take a chance on yourself. Uh, simply just take a chance on yourself, and if you’ve watched enough of Bryan’s content, if you done the research and what’s, um, available inside of the funnel systems, uh, the only thing that you probably get hesitate is whether or not you’re willing to take the chance on yourself. So I would say definitely take the chance of yourself in, uh, and watch what happens.

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