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Kerby Skurat Shares His Experience

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Listen to what Kerby Skurat, a real estate coach who sells over 350 homes per year who wants to help other real estate agents sell more houses has to say about his Funnel Day Experience in San Diego, CA with Bryan Dulaney & Michael Mushlin.
Here’s exactly what Kerby and Cristina said…
“Yeah, my name is Kerby Skurat and this is my wife Cristina. We are looking to build a business around the real estate coaching space. We’re from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been looking to build a real estate coaching business for several years now and kind of doing it on my own was pretty tough. It was one of those things where after a bunch of research I came across Perfect Funnel Systems and the time of day at Funnel Day has been next to amazing.”
“Yeah, realizing my vision before Funnel Day was actually starting to get really overwhelming. I spent a lot of money chasing down different coaching programs, different seminars, different things as far as systems and tools to be able to build this coaching company and it started to feel pretty overwhelming for me because there’s so much data out there, so many talking heads out there about how to make this easy, how to make this process simple.”
“The truth is, it’s not easy to build the business to the scale that we want to build it to. So before Funnel Day I was actually a little bit overwhelmed.”
“Yeah. I felt nervous. Like oh, I’m going to build something that’s going to require too much of our time and energies and effort or is it going to be able to be something that can be built to be more efficient because we’re kind of already maxed out a little bit. That’s how we were feeling before.”
“I was expecting money to be floating down from the ceiling. No. I was expecting just a process that Michael had shared with me to become a reality. I wanted to see these guys in action, talk through what it looks like to build a seven figure business. I really do believe that the expertise that we bring to the table is capable of becoming a seven figure business and so for me, it was really seeing what these guys were going to come and package for us and help us see the future of where this could be in five years.”
“That’s really what they delivered today. The fact that Michael and Bryan were able to sit down with us, show us exactly what it means to take an idea, put it into a set of different funnels and really work through the funnel, the brand, the marketing and the products and help us understand what we need to do, the step-by-step pieces that we need to put into place to go ahead and then build this seven figure business that I do believe now is going to become a reality.”
“Yeah, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I think Kerby knew more about what they do and I think all that I was expecting was that they would help us figure out what the program would be. It’s by far exceeded those expectations, really given us clarity as to what we want to build. That’s been really powerful.”
“For me Funnel Day definitely exceeded my expectations. The whole process of coming out here, it’s expensive to come out as far as getting the flight, getting the hotel rooms. What Michael promised is definitely what was delivered upon and what was really cool about the day that I thought was we sat down before the day even started and Michael and Bryan both really wanted to hear what our expectations were for the day, what we were hoping to get out of the day.”
“Then at the end of the day we actually went through those expectations one by one and every one of those expectations was met. Throughout the process just the expertise that Bryan brings to the table with what he’s done building several multimillion dollar funnels, it was definitely seen and something that I was super excited about being able to put into the business that we want to now build.”
“Yeah, I absolutely agree. It really exceeded our expectations. To be able to understand what are the different programs we’re going to do, what do we want to focus on of the things that we can bring to the table and kind of simplify it to a system that is going to be able to work to achieve the goals that we have.”
“The thing that was unexpected for me was the fact that I thought I was going to have to really just buck up and put all this time, effort and energy into it, and what I was able to really realize through Bryan and Michael both on helping me understand what they’ve done for clients in the past is that it’s not going to necessarily all fall on my shoulders.”
“What they’re going to help us do now as they put together the next piece of the Funnel Day, which is kind of the proposal and the package is that they’re going to help us to really see what they can take off of our plates from a marketing and a funnel building perspective and the product development is really what ends up falling on us. That’s what our expertise really is.”
“I think it was really relieving for me to be able to see that the things that I was really overwhelmed by coming into Funnel Day, the marketing and really understanding how to drive ads via Facebook or YouTube or various other avenues in marketing and how to build funnels, whether I knew click funnels or not or whether I knew the products and the things that they’re using as far as platforms go. Not having to have that over my head anymore and thinking about having to go back and build all these things, but they’re going to come to me with a done with me solution that’s really going to help my business get off the ground as quickly as possible, our business get off the ground as quickly as possible.”
“I think what I really got out of the Funnel Day was an understanding of how to really focus our expertise on the right things and to be able to trust them with the things that they are experts in so that we don’t end up chasing squirrels with trying to become an expert in all areas. If we can just bring to the table the product that we’re really good at, make money off of that and they can help us with the rest, I think that was the biggest aha for me.”
“For me, the money that we put up to be out here, fly out here, the hotel rooms, those things are real investments and those are real dollars that came out of our pocket, but at the end of the day what I see as what’s going to now become a reality for us is that we do have a roadmap to build a seven figure business, maybe a multiple seven figure business.”
“For us, that is really what we came out to achieve. We wanted to find a way to be able to package and then deliver our expertise to the market, because we do have something that we feel is pretty special to offer to the marketplace. What I think that Michael and Bryan are going to bring and their entire team is going to bring to our business is that expertise of helping us really define what markets we should be going after, where the marketing should come from and then how to build those funnels so they convert and they are able to scale at a high level.”
“Because at the end of the day, in this space that’s not our expertise. Our expertise is really developing that product and then really refining and building that tribe and creating that brand and that attractive character. I think what they’re going to help us do is the pieces that we’re probably not the best at in this space. That’s really what it comes down to for me.”
“I have to agree with that. I think especially Kerby had this dream and this vision actually for years and it’s always been kind of everywhere. To be able to sit down and just spend one day and have a roadmap to get to exactly where you want to go, we have that clarity now after today. We say, “Okay, this is what we need to do,” and if we’re willing to put the money and investment into that, we’re going to be able to get to that goal that’s been that vision for a long time. We’re pretty excited about that.”
“Yeah, after being here I think one of the coolest things about the entire day and something that I really am going to take away from this is the fact that Michael and Bryan and Stephanie really care. They seem to care a lot and it wasn’t just smoke and mirrors. These people actually do care about us as people and it’s not just another sale for them.”
“That was a really relieving thing for me to have this heartfelt care for us, which is, it goes a long way. It’s deeper than I think than what you can get from a typical person out there that’s looking to sell you some product on hey, this is going to be the next best thing. It’s definitely this compassion and care that they have. So yeah, for me that was a big deal.”
“Yeah. I think they really by the end of the day, well, throughout the whole process really came to understand our business and the things that we can really bring to the table and help us sift through all the different ideas that we have, all the different value-adds that we can have to say this is where you need to start. This is what’s going to bring the most value. Having that singular focus to start off with just makes it easy to go. I think if they hadn’t gone through the process of understanding our business, where we wanted to go, we wouldn’t have ended there, so thanks for that.”
I feel like success is imminent. I think that is something that as Tony Robbins kind of talks about, there’s things that you think about for a long time that you have on your heart and they become realities with action, with massive action. I feel like Bryan and Michael really put together a plan for us to be able to take massive action. That’s what I’m excited about being able to do now is go back to Minneapolis and build a couple of products that we’re going to give to these guys and we’re going to make them great. They’re going to be good products. They’re not going to just be lackluster products.”
“We’re not out here to get rich quick. We really want to add value, but these guys are going to be able to take those products and make them into something that’s definitely going to be a seller for years to come, so I’m pretty excited about that.”
“I really feel like at the end of the day now we have clarity and an ability to be able to succeed in what we want to now. We just have to sit down and make a decision about it and say, “Okay, this is where we’re going.” But it’s definitely something that we can now see what it looks like, the path to get there.”
“I think it’s absolutely critical that you take the investment now because at the end of the day these guys are going to deliver for you. What they delivered for us today throughout the course of the day from the time we got here until the time we ended our time with them was nothing but pure value.”
“The expertise that they bring in doing exactly this, to helping an expert go from where they are now, which for us is really not very far along, to giving us a vision of where we can go with the expertise that we have, I think it’s really, really critical and I think it’s a piece that a lot of people that are in this space lack. What they’re going to do is they’re going to bring that drive from a marketing and a funnel building perspective, build it into your business and get you launched and off the ground and on the way to making that seven figures that you really want to make. I would say by all means go ahead, make the investment. Do it today. You won’t regret it.”
“Yeah, definitely. If you have a dream you’ve got to put some action behind it. If you don’t want to get lost in the weeds trying to figure out every part of the puzzle yourself, these are the guys to call.”
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