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Remember the good ol’ days?
When online marketing was like the Wild Wild West with multiple gunslingers making over a millions dollars a day and it seemed like anyone committed enough to “copy the gurus” raked in six-figure launches like clockwork?
Being a successful online marketer meant you were living the good life working a few hours a day at some remote island while on vacation and then returning home to your Ferrari or Lambo and a roomy 6 or 7 bedroom estate.
Sadly, my friend, those days are no longer here.
But you know who’s living the next best version of that?
Coaches and consultants.
They’re living the closest thing to the “dream” of a true lifestyle business:
Raking in multiple six-figure and even seven-figure annual incomes working less than a few hours a day using clever group coaching models.
Making a positive impact on others who turn right around and film countless video testimonials on Facebook… making themselves “Internet-famous” rock stars.
Being able to work from anywhere with a WiFi connection and set their own hours.
(It’s no coincidence most of them plunk down 6-figure down payments for prime Pacific Coast real estate…)
I want to introduce my good friend and one of my LionChaser brothers, Nick Unsworth.
You might know him as Tony Robbin’s younger, better-looking twin.
(Just kidding – he’s not related).
But this dude is well on this way to becoming a legit LEGEND in the personal development space.
He’s coached over 2,751 people, and has consulted clients including: Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy Seals.com, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance and more.
His brand Life on Fire has touched over 170,000 people from all around the world and he was just on stage least year right next to Gary V and Tony Robbins.
Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

Here’s the part where you should start paying attention:

His team has spent hundreds of thousand of dollars on Facebook Ads, email campaigns, landing pages, sales pages, and automation tools and he’s finally decided to spill the beans and teach other coaches and consultants how to build a thriving 7-figure coaching business. Using his well-oiled machine for effortless and consistently attracting and enrolling as many high-paying clients as you can handle.
Even if you’ve never coached or consulted, have zero clients, know nothing about Facebook ads, and have never written a lick of copy.
No, seriously – he’ll give you fill-in-the-blank templates for Facebook ads, emails, webinar presentations, sales pages, and phone sales scripts.
It’s not a copycat Facebook Ads or another hacked-together marketing/sales program… actually, it’s not even a program at all.
He calls it the “Dream Client Enrollment Engine”.
It’s the world’s first ever coaching “business-in-a-box” system that helps you:
Predictably and consistently attract high-paying clients who happily join a WAIT LIST just to talk to you (you should see the # of strategy sessions he has on his calendar each week… I don’t know how he does anything else).
Effortlessly enroll your dream clients at $2K – $5K each who can’t wait to work with you and show up coachable, get results, and brag to everyone they know about what a rockstar you are (raving fans = recurring referrals).
Automate 90% of the process so you can quickly scale to 6 or 7 figures in 16 months… once this is dialed in, your only job is to show up on calls and type credit card numbers into your payment processor (and of course, do the coaching itself).
This part is important…

…this is NOT a program or course.

I repeat…
… you CANNOT buy this anywhere (yet).
Right now, the only way to “copy his system” is to be in the room with him LIVE in sunny San Diego for his upcoming Ignite Your Income + Impact event on June 29th-30th, 2018.
(Yes, I realize this means actually dragging your lazy carcass from behind your computer screen.)
He’ll walk you through every step, ad, page, sentence, headline, campaign, and script and deconstruct it to its simplest essence so you not only absorb the HOW, but more importantly, the WHY so you walk away at the end of 2 days with:
Crystal Clarity – you know whether or not being a coach is your true calling, and if it is, you know the exact next steps you need to take to start getting your first paying clients
“Crush-It” Confidence – you have the perfect processes, software/tools, Facebook ads, enrollment scripts, and systems to attract and enroll more clients right away.
I managed to convince him to let me promote his upcoming LIVE EVENT to my list (which is why you’re reading this)…
But here’s the catch…
There’s only 75 spots available.
And almost 40 of them are gone.
Fret not – I was able to get you the Early Bird discount price.
No, it’s not $2,000 (or “$1997”).
It won’t even cost you $200.
But you gotta save your spot, because they’re about to fill up in the next few days.
You want to “live the dream”, you say?
Well, here’s your chance to “ethically steal” a 7-figure coaching business.
And at this price point, you better have a damn good reason for not showing up.  I’ll be there for sure to support him and you if you attend!
Always in your corner,
Bryan Dulaney
CHPC, 8 Figure Club Coach

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