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Mike Schmidt and Lilly Darling Perfect Funnel System Testimonial

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I’m Mike Schmidt from Tucson, Arizona, and I’m Lilly Darling also from Tucson, Arizona and we want to build funnel hubs for experts.

So we’ve wanted to build and launch a funnel for funnel hubs for about six months now we’ve really kind of been developing the product and the idea and now we’re ready to share it with the world and we’re really excited about it.

What I love most about today was getting a deep sense of clarity around what my next steps are and how we as a team can take those steps to achieve the goals that we want.

I think what I loved most about today was that we’ve set our intentions at the beginning and then we really systematically worked through the steps to kind of solve each one of those outcomes. And I just feel really great the end of the day walking away with a plan and, and a solid track record per action. So I’m excited.

Two months ago I would say we were sitting in the room and feeling just really overwhelmed about how we were going to approach this new opportunity. We had a lot of great ideas and we would share those and brainstorm, but it seemed like it was just all over the place. And so it was really overwhelming to just prioritize those ideas and to formulate the best plan forward.

So I really wanted an outside perspective because the opportunity that we have before us is insanely huge, right? And the process of making sure that we capture as much opportunity as possible is, is, um, there’s something we’ve got to put a lot of attention into and I wanted to make sure that we weren’t just relying on our own perspectives, but we were getting their perspective of other people and, and, and an outside team to really hone the offer to ensure that we’re capturing as much of that opportunity as possible.

Some of our concerns coming into funnel day was probably what we were going to end up with I think not knowing is a little bit uncertain. Seeing as how we had been thinking through this for a while. Um, we had come up with a lot of solutions so we weren’t really sure what was gonna happen. Um, and so again, having those expectations set at the beginning gave us a lot of confidence and then to see that come into fruition, was satisfying and really cool to see.

So coming into today, I wanted to make sure that we had a clear plan of action and tell you the truth we had a thousand ideas that we iterated in before coming in here today. And, uh, the, my belief that we were actually going to settle on just one idea was, um, wasn’t very high at the beginning and now having gone through the full funnel day experience, I, we now have that one idea. We now have taken all of those 999 other ideas off the table and really has been brought great clarity to that. Yeah and confidence in that one path you know, the things that we took off the table, we feel good about taking them off the table. Yeah and so like the value in not wasting time on 999 other things is insane. It’s, it’s, there’s a lot of, um, time that we’ve now got back as a result of being able to focus on this one idea.

I would say one of the things as I’m looking back on today that was unexpected is actually we felt like there was a lot of opportunity available to us, but talking with Bryan and kind of figuring out that there’s actually more than we could think a little bit wider and longer term and looking at different options and different audiences that actually expands this opportunity, I think really helps us to, um, not only take the actions that we can do immediately to get quick results, but actually have this be a longterm game that we’re able to get results from.

So having completed today’s final day experience, I would easily estimate that is a hundred times our investment. This is something that even just in the calculations we’ve done on the back of a napkin here to see how this is going to kind of play out with some very small inputs and very small investment in today is going to make a really magnificent business for us.

So if I was going to look at this day and evaluate whether there was a good understanding kind of in communication happening, absolutely I think not only in what we brought to the table and explain able to really quickly like pick up on what we were saying and where we wanted to go, but also kind of uncover some hidden gems that we hadn’t considered. Um, opportunities that maybe we wouldn’t have paid that much attention to. So I think, um, knowing that expanding what we’re able to do is gonna really help us achieve our three year goals, our five year goals and beyond. Yeah and Bryan definitely now has the perspective to advise us really from a coaching perspective because he knows our business, he knows where we want to go. And now I, I trust his perspective and opinion even that much more.

I have so much more certainty that what I thought was possible is going to happen now as a result of going through today’s process. Absolutely, yeah. And I think the questions that I was asking myself in both of the team, all that got laid on the table and we really had rich conversations to kind of put those things to action. So, excited!!!

So if you’re considering investing in a funnel day and you’re someone who has an idea for a business, whether that’s something that you haven’t started yet, or that’s already successful, a funnel day is going to give you fuel that needed the perspective to really build a really successful plan that’s going to then lead to a successful business. It’s been awesome today. Yeah. So yeah, I would say the structure of the day, uh, would fit for folks who have a strength in one area, but maybe they haven’t paid attention to another area. And so that really allowed us to, to jump in. We had some things checked off on boxes, but really there was some things that we really need to delve into deeper. And so funnel day really helped us to be able to do that.

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