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Pedro Adao 100X Academy Founder had Bryan speak at his event

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It was an honor being invited to speak at 100X for Pedro last week for 700+ Christian Entrepreneurs! 

He’s built an AMAZING community and brought two worlds together which has always been separate and that’s #1: the Kingdom (Christians) and #2: Business.

Normally, spirituality and business aren’t together but what I love about Pedro is that he brought both together and is doing an incredible job creating an awesome culture in the process! #respect 

I spoke for several hours (4-5) to the high level group then several hours (4-6) to roughly 250 people on Thursday and then the full 700+ group on Friday sharing my story and what have been the biggest shifts for my business scaling past $10M 🚀 

Listen to what Pedro has to say about having me add value to his community! 

“You should really consider Bryan Dulaney, come speak and contribute at your event” – Pedro Adao founder of 100x Academy

If you’re looking for speakers or people, like me, to add massive value to your audience … like I did for Pedro… CONTACT ME!

Hey guys, my name is Pedro Adao. I’m the founder of the 100 X Academy. And I want to tell you if you’re considering having an awesome event, why you should really consider Brian Dulaney, come speak and contribute at your event. Um, we had Bryan come and share over about two to three days with us and we were able to, his versatility and his skillset in being able to not just share a message to encourage and inspire, which of course we know is needed in events, but also the ability to go deeper and bring some tactical real substance. And, uh, in those, in those main times you want to provide like training and his ability to kind of do both makes made him a huge asset of our event still happening right now. And then of course, Bryan’s mind of funnels and entrepreneurship and, and selling and marketing. If you’re looking at making an offer at your event or any, any powerful call to action, Bryan’s is masterful at understanding how he can take his content, what he does to completely dovetailing and support your main objective for putting on your event. I can’t recommend Bryan Dulaney enough. Um, he has added an amazing element to our event as made this completely memorable. And I would encourage you to reach out to his team, talk more about how they could fit in for for, as incredible as he is with the success he’s had and you know, multiple two comma club x winner doing this things, his humility and his willingness to fit in to the bigger picture. Just really, really, uh, impacted me. And so I highly encourage you to connect with Bryan and his team and see if he’s available to come speak at your event.

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