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Russell Brunson Testimonial


Here’s word for word what Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels, has to say about Bryan Dulaney and how he’s sent over 1,400 customers into ClickFunnels…

“Hey, I want to make a really quick video to let you guys know about one of our super affiliates here at ClickFunnels. His name is Bryan Dulaney, and last month, Bryan sent over 1,400 customers into ClickFunnels. Now, that’s cool, because you can be getting affiliate commissions, all sorts of things like that, but what’s even cooler, if you know anything about the ClickFunnels affiliate program, as soon as you get 100 people in, you get your dream car.

We pay $500 toward a dream car. When you get 200 people in, you get $1000 towards it. And after that, we’re looking at adding some more levels, because Bryan and a couple of other guys keep selling so many people into ClickFunnels, which is exciting. We’ve been talking about having a dream house contest, and eventually, a dream jet contest. And Bryan is someone who is eventually going to be winning houses and jets, and maybe we’ll have to go buy him a mountain, or something. Who knows?

But he is sending a ton of people into ClickFunnels, which we’re very grateful for. And if you want to learn “how do you get people into ClickFunnels, how do you sell trials, how do you get people to sign up” and that way you can win a dream car, and you can, hopefully, win a dream house, and a jet, and who knows what else is going to come, he is someone who is amazing to learn from, because he’s doing it every single day. He’s one of our top super affiliates, and he’s someone who can show you how to do it, as well.” – Russell Brunson

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