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Ryan D. Lee – Partnership Testimonial Success

ryan d lee cashflow tactics

Listen to what Ryan D. Lee from Cashflow Tactics has to say about his experience working with us after his One Day Private Intensive where we mapped out his fastest path to $1 million in revenue called a “Funnel Day” and through his build/development phase into the launch of his funnels, offers and advertising, which we call Optimization & Scale Phase… where all the fun and results begin to flow in.
The result = $1.44 Million in less than 90 days. So from launching their brand online to generating over $1.447 million in the first 90 days of advertising spending less than $36,000 to generate that revenue.
We are in the business of “Minting Millionaires” like Ryan with Cashflow Tactics and if you would like to build funnels for your business (generate leads & sales), launch products or services for your business (sell products or services online) or want to scale your business, we would love to help you.
We can guide, coach, mentor and help you knock it out of the park just like we have for Ryan and his company Cashflow Tactics where he has gone onto getting into the Two Comma Club in less than 90 days of launching his advertising and being LIVE with the funnels that we built for his business.
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In your corner,
Bryan Dulaney
CEO, Perfect Funnel System
Here’s the transcript from Ryan’s video above:
“My name is Ryan Lee. I’m from Salt Lake City, the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. My business is financial strategy with Cashflow Tactics. My life before was to a breaking point, honestly. Before coming to working with Bryan and his team, I had a business that was successful. The success that I had, though, was all word of mouth and referral, and it was all one-on-one and that we got amazing results, but because I couldn’t really control my marketing and because I was stuck in one-on-one, I had to take feast or famine, whatever came my way. I didn’t feel like I could go any further because I didn’t know how to market, I didn’t know how to get a message out there, although inside, I had just an internal drive to be able to get a message out that I care about and that honestly makes an impact in people’s lives.”
“The biggest problem that I faced in my business was not having a complete front-to-back marketing strategy, not having the ability to go out and deliver a message with a brand, with a theme, with an education platform, everything that comes with a front-end marketing platform. I had little bits and pieces, and because I had bits and pieces, it was sporadic. The success that I had was sporadic. It was intermittence, and … I couldn’t measure it, and I couldn’t count on it. So that the biggest problem that I had was just uncertainty in the flow of business for me and the clients that I would work with.”
“This has kind of been a two, almost a three-year journey for me before I got here to Perfect Funnel Systems. Really, the path that I was on is, I first decided that I was going to become an expert in my field, which I did. I got amazing elite results for the people that I worked with. As I did this, I was very passionate about the message that I had to share because it was making an impact and a positive difference in people’s lives. So I wanted to take the message further and farther. I spent more and more time developing the expertise and then applying that expertise with clients on a one-on-one basis, but I got to the point that I realized that there was a cap to my time. I just could not take on any more clients, and I wanted to find a way to scale my business.”
“And so to try to figure out how to step into the world of marketing and scale, I first read a book that led me to join the group of ClickFunnels. Started using ClickFunnels, which was an amazing tool to help get me online, but so much of what I learned in ClickFunnels, I was trying to do myself. In the beginning, this works to get me going, but again, now I had a full-time job meeting with clients and a semi-full-time job trying to figure out how to build funnels and market a message.
Soon after that, I decided to start looking to hire people. The challenge with everyone that I hired was they didn’t understand my business. They didn’t understand me. They didn’t understand what I was trying to do. In the space that I’m in, I take so much pride in being the exact opposite from traditional, normal, business-suit finance. Everyone that I brought in tried to market me as that, and so it was in this constant battle. I went from outside agencies to retainers with partner. The deeper I got with these people, the more I felt like, man, I should just go back and do it myself again. I had just as good, if not better results when I was just doing it myself. I got to the point where really, me and my business partner, we wanted to just shut down the marketing and just decide to go back to working with referral-based business only.”
“I had met Bryan a couple of years ago when I first got into the marketing world, and I wasn’t ready to work with Bryan at that time. When I met Bryan and I saw that the breadth of what he did, and honestly, it kind of intimidated me. But at this point, I came back in contact with Bryan, and I was completely ready to be able to partner with him and with his system that could not only help me with building the funnels, which was the easy part, but really nailing down the branding, the messaging, the platform, the system, from front to back, tip to tail, everything that was needed to take a consistent message to the marketplace with a powerful, powerful product behind it.
It was a big jump. Honestly, the biggest obstacle for me was just making that commitment. I mean the best way I could think about it was it was kind of like a marriage, right? When I decided … Prior to Bryan, I hired people, and I paid them a retainer, which meant when it wasn’t working for either one of us, the relationship stopped just like that. There were pros with that, but obviously, there were major cons. They weren’t invested in my business. I wasn’t really invested with them. I wanted a result, and if I didn’t get it, it was done.”
“With Bryan and partnering with his team, it really was a partnership. It was a long, lengthy commitment. He was selective about who he partnered with, which meant that he was committed to results. One of the things I love about the partnership is it’s truly that. It wasn’t just money regardless of results. It was money tied to results. Bryan took months, really months to get in and understand what our business is, what our message is, who our avatar should be, and from doing that, he had just as intimate understanding of our message and what we do as I do.”
“Up to that point, I had never had someone with a marketing mind on my team. Once Bryan got the vision of what we did and who we served, he now could take the message and position us as the experts in the field. So be biggest hurdle was just making the commitment to bringing on a partner in the business, but that was the biggest benefit at the same time because the partner now truly cares.”
“For me, it was results. Everything I preach in this business is all about results. How I can get tangible, measurable, quantifiable results for the clients that I work with, and I wanted someone to get me results, which meant it couldn’t have been their first rodeo. I’ve trusted in too many people up to that point that had a good marketing message or had a good message that they could get results but didn’t really have a lot of proof behind it. Bryan had the proof. Bryan had the real experience, not only in his own business and what he had done, but with other clients that he had worked with. When we looked at what Bryan had to offer, the results that came with Bryan and his package spoke for themselves. That was really what pushed us over the edge.”
“The development phase was just so, it was so inspiring for me. Honestly, I’ve been in the business now for five years, and because I was a referral based person, right? I worked with anyone, right? Some of the clients that I worked with, I mean I gelled with, and they gelled with me. Some of the clients that I worked with, yes, I got them results, but I wouldn’t say they were my ideal clients. I dreaded calls from them.”
“Working with Bryan in the development phrase, we got clear on two things. We got laser clear on the message, not just to the head but to the heart. What it is that people want, and then obviously how we can justify it logically, but getting clear on what the message was that resonates with people’s true passions and desires. That was number one, and that was powerful. I mean everything you see behind me, they are our brand, our imagery, everything was intentionally created to appeal to the emotional side of what people want out of their financial plans, so that was huge.”
“But the second thing that was just massive for me, I didn’t have a clear avatar. I didn’t have someone clear that I wanted to talk to. If people asked me who my ideal was, I was just anyone that had money that wanted to talk. But working with Bryan, we got laser clear on who my idea client is, not only what they value but who they are demographically, what they want to accomplish, what they resonate with. Once I got clear on that with Bryan and his team through that first experience, everything started to accelerate. I can now intentionally eliminate the people that I didn’t want to work with because honestly, it wasn’t serving me, and it wasn’t serving them. I wasn’t giving them my best. But once I got clear on who I wanted to work with and the message, the business has just gone crazy.”

“Through the launch until now, this has been the best part about working with Bryan and his team. It goes back to what I talked about earlier with the partnership. It’s one thing to get clear on a message. It’s another thing to then take that message and put together a platform of education and funnels and all of that kind of stuff. But now, for me, I’m swimming in unchartered water, right? I’ve never ran perfect webinars before. I’ve never ran Facebook ads before. I’ve never optimized. I’ve never taken what I’m doing right now and been able to look at it from so many different areas of expertise, making the tinks and the tweaks that need to be made to continually, constantly improve, not only the people that are coming, but the experience that they’re having, the conversion rates, the close rates, everything.”

“The main benefit of the phase that we’re in right now, the scale phase is I’ve got Bryan constantly every single week in my business. In fact, Bryan has made two trips out from California to Utah to spend focused. targeted time with us to rework our messaging, to rework how our webinar’s put together, to rework the email sequences that we have, to make sure that what we have is humming like a well-oiled machine.”

“What I love most about working with Bryan and his team is, and this might sound cliché, but they care. It goes back to what we talked about earlier. They are truly a partner with me and my team. Their success is tied to my success. I love that about working with you because what it really comes down to is before, there was always this sense of … There wasn’t trust with the people that I worked with. It was just: I’m paying you to get me a result, get me a result. That’s all it was. It was just a monetary transaction.”

“With Bryan and his team, we’re tied to an impact. It’s not just a financial result. Honestly, the financial results have been awesome, but we’re tied to an impact. Bryan takes on clients that he believes in. He’s an impact-driven individual, which I also am impact-driven individual, and when the two of us are working together, we bring that in alignment. Our main goal and objective is to make an impact in the marketplace that we serve, and doing that together, using his expertise and my expertise side by side, has really been what I’ve enjoyed most.”

“I would say for me, the values have aligned in every way. I’ve never had a coach or a mentor like Bryan where some of our discussions, in fact, I would say half of our discussions aren’t even about the business specifically. It’s about the books that we’re reading. It’s about the family life that we have. It’s about the exercises that we do. It’s about the lives that we leave outside of our business, but those lives correlate so directly with our business. When I talk to Bryan and I see just like the avatar that I want to serve, Bryan and I are so in sync with the lives that we want to live, the impact that we wanted to make, and all of that in our personal lives translates over to our business lives. I’ve really enjoyed that about Bryan and his team is they’re people that I like as friends, not just co-workers and then we’re done. They’re people that I like as friends.”

“Honestly, the life and my business now are in a completely different hemisphere. Six months ago, I was scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off, waiting for the next referral to come in and trying to figure out how to piece all the steps together for my clients. I had a system, but because I didn’t have it all mapped out and laid out from front to back and a marketing message and a platform for education, it was me hustling through a lot of the gaps that I had in my business.”

“In the position that I’m in now, there’s a complete funnel. There’s one path for a client to walk, which means every client is getting a massive, like a positive experience. It’s not just positive for one person and negative for the next. It’s a positive, consistent experience for every single client that comes through. I have a message and a funnel and a filter to put people through, and if they make it through the funnel, then by the time they get to me, they want to be there, and I want them to be there too because we’ve intentionally weeded out clients and individuals that should not be there.”

“Today, I get to talk to amazing people in a way that I have never, ever talked to them before. I get to show up and do what I’m truly passionate about, whereas before, people only got to see that passion in very limited settings. If it was, if they did get to see it, it was only done one on one. Now, I’m able to train in a group setting. I’m able to make a massive impact in the marketplace. Every single week, Bryan lines up hundreds of people to listen to this message that I have to share. That has been so validating, so rewarding. Honestly, it’s opened up so much perspective of what is possible. So in the last six months, everything has changed about my business from how I did it, to who I talk to, to what I do is completely different now.”

“So, for anyone who’s on the fence, it comes down to two things. It comes down to number one, results. You’re considering working with someone because you’re looking for a result that you currently do not have. If you are looking for a small result, Bryan probably isn’t the guy for you. But if you are looking to make a massive impact, to get a massive result, then Bryan is the person for you.”

“The second piece to this puzzle is the expertise. It’s one thing to talk about results. It’s another thing to be able to get results. Bryan has the expertise, like I said, both in his personal businesses that he’s done for 15 years, the better part of 15 years, not just with himself though, but with hundreds of clients, people that he has helped take a message to the marketplace and rise up leaders and impact-makers in the marketplace.”

“So, if you are looking for results and you are looking for someone not to just talk about it, but to lead you on a path that you can not see yourself, then Bryan and his team are for you.”

P.P.S. We were with Ryan and Brad at Russell Brunson’s Mastermind called the Inner Circle (which people pay $50,000 a year to attend) and you can see a video that one of the other members captured while we were sharing the results of what we have accomplished in less than 90 days and wait to watch Russell’s reaction at the very end 😉

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