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Ryan D. Lee Testimonial – Financial Strategist


Listen to what Ryan D. Lee with Cashflow Tactics has to say about his Funnel Day Experience in San Diego, CA with Bryan Dulaney and the Perfect Funnel System team.
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Have you seen the 7 Figure Case Study Video yet? If not, be sure to watch this short case study video to discover how we built a 7 figure business in less than 12 months and then went onto scaling it over 8 figures with one of our experts. Keep in mind this expert, in this video, started with zero online presence. He started with just an expertise, we helped him to package that expertise and bring it to the world.
Here’s the transcript of what Ryan said in the video: 
My name is Ryan Lee and I’m coming in from Salt Lake City Utah and my business is financial strategy. Since the day I was born. Now really for me I’ve wanted to launch a funnel ever since I realized that my game was limited and I could only work with so many people and I needed a funnel, I needed a system to really leverage the expertise that I was bringing one on one.”
For me I loved seeing something that was unclear for me. I didn’t know what the next step was in my business and building the funnel. And in the funnel day experience I got clear not only of where I was right now, but what I needed to build to get me from where I am today, to where I want to be.”
For me realizing the vision that I had before I found out about the funnel the experience was fuzzy. It was foggy. I’m good at what I do, I’m good at financial strategy, but building the funnel and building the systems necessary to scale my business has always been a challenge. There’s been so many options, so many ideas, so many ways to potentially to do it, I never really knew where to start.”
So my whole thing and what I do in my business, I call it the art and science of collapsing time. It’s how people can get 40 years of results in 10 years or less in their financial plan and that’s exactly what I got here today. I came to funnel day to get the expertise of the team here which allows me to collapse time.”
I could go out and maybe build it all myself and read all the books and take all the steps. But, for the last 18 months I haven’t done that. Or I’ve done that to a limited degree that it hasn’t been successful. So I came here today to access the minds of people who know how to do it, so they can help me collapse time in my business.”
My biggest concern about coming into the funnel day is, I feel like I’m an expert. I feel like I have a very unique strategy and that strategy it’s just that. It’s unique and I was concerned that the guys here wouldn’t understand what my strategy is and how to translate that strategy into a cohesive offer and a cOhesive funnel.”
Absolutely exceeded my expectations. So coming to the funnel day. I was still unclear on what the next steps were. Coming out of the funnel day, I know exactly what needs to be done, and what was just broken down for me was so simple that I’m kicking myself wondering why I’ve missed it for the last 18 months or I came away walked away with clarity and the clarity wasn’t this massive funnel, this massive thing that was going to take years and years. It’s actually a simple process that could be implemented in the next 30 to 60 days.”
How complex I have been making this entire process. Right? Because of my lack of understanding, because I don’t have the expertise in building and creating funnels, I overcomplicated the process to the point that I didn’t start or I built something that was way too complex for my market. What I came away with, is what I need to do actually building this whole process is simple.”
10X, I mean it goes back to what I said earlier. My business is about collapsing time. I want big results in a short period of time. I don’t want to wait 40 years to see if my funnels have worked. I want to know that they’re working right now.”
And coming in here and working with this team, they’re helping me collapse time and bringing their expertise to the table to show me what I need to do as the expert and the system they can help me build so I can plug that expertise right in.”
Absolutely. So from the questioning to the time that you guys spent listening and understanding. Identifying who my target audience is. Understanding what their pinpoints were, and then translating my product into the solution, into those pin points, I feel like you guys understand what my business sis and you know, the system that I need to have to get to broaden my reach.”
Honestly, it’s kind of like a weight off my shoulders. Right? I think anyone that is passionate about what they do, they want to do it with more people. They want to share that solution, that value with more people and I felt that way for years in my business.”
But, without the systems and without the platform to do it, I feel stuck in my business and I feel like I have something that’s so valuable I just don’t know how to scale it. And coming into the funnel day and now living this experience, now I know how to scale it and I have the right team to help me do it.”
So what I would say is if you have a product or a service that brings value to people, then you absolutely need a funnel. Now you can build that funnel on your own, you can read some books, or try to figure it out. But what I found is your expertise is unique to you and if you try to develop a whole new expertise in funnels, those two don’t usually co-exist.”
You can only be an expert in what you do and then if you have to become an expert in funnels it’s going to be hard for you to do both. Coming to funnel day, you guys are experts in funnels. You know what you’re doing and now I can plug in to your expertise which will allow me to amplify mine.”
If you’re ready to map out the funnels and advertising/marketing strategy in order to launch your $1 million per year or even a $1 million per month business online, apply now here or contact us to see how you can register for one of our upcoming Funnel Days or Funnel Workshops.

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