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The Story About How We Won "Two" 2 Comma Club Awards

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Receiving these “two” 2 comma club awards at Funnel Hacking Live from Russell Brunson was such an honor and a blessing.  It’s probably one of the best awards I’ve ever received in my career of marketing online.  I mean look them below… they are EPIC and my personal goal is to get 100 of these puppies for my clients/partners and hitting the next level… the 3 comma club 😉

What is the 2 Comma Club?  

The 2 comma club is an achievement/award that you get when you’ve reached $1 million dollars in revenue with ClickFunnels.

How did we earn two awards?

We were awarded the 2 comma club for our sales training company and for our digital marketing agency, Perfect Funnel System.

Below you can see our COO, Michael Mushlin, and one of our digital strategists Tracy White.  It’s because of these guys that we were able to make the 2 comma club possible for Perfect Funnel System.
Learn more about the 2 comma club here.

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If you’d like to learn how we can help you get into the 2 Comma Club with your company or you’d just like to discover how we can help you build highly profitable funnels, get a quote by clicking the button below…
Disclaimer: Results will vary and it depends on the hard work, time and effort that is put in.


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