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Top 5 Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Spending $2.3 Million

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If only I would have known… what I know now after spending over $2.3 million in advertising across platforms such as: Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Bing, Adroll, Email Marketing, etc…
What I know now will make you a lot of money and can save you a LOT of money, headache and hassle when it comes to bringing your expertise, products, and services to the market.
Think about it – for the past 12 years I have been creating offers, launching those offers, and getting “data” (feedback) from the markets we are in (note: we are in several).  Now that we have the “data” it helps to shortcut our process when we go to launch our next project.
For example, let’s say I want to launch a course. I know exactly how I would market and fill up the course with my first 100 buyers based on my repeated experiences of launching multiple new courses for myself and our clients and partners.
If you need help launching a course, connect with us here or hit us up on live chat.
Before we get too far, may I ask you a question…

“Why do you hire a mentor or a coach?”

I would propose you hire a mentor or a coach, because they have been where you want to be. I hired my first mentor earlier in my online marketing career because I knew the fastest way to profit and produce cash flow was to follow the plan of a successful mentor/coach.
The same application applies when I got my second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I would never have thought to just watch YouTube videos to learn how to become a second degree black belt. I hired a Sensei to guide me through the process of achieving my 2nd degree black belt and I did the same in my business, which is what catapulted my success.
Without my first mentor I don’t think I would be in this business that I’m in today. I am so glad I got out of my own way! Instead of trying to figure it all out by myself in my college dorm room, I hired a mentor who was earning multiple 6 figures per month.
You see, my mentor showed me the ropes and because of his guidance I went onto generating $10,000 in revenue in my pocket in less than 5 days!
This same concept applies to launching and monetizing your expertise or selling your products & services online. Find someone who has gone through the ups and downs, the trial and error, and find someone successful who has tested millions of dollars on advertising who has the “data” that you just don’t have yet.

Think about it, here’s the process for launching anything:

Step 1: Get clear about what you are offering (strategy)
Step 2: Build it out, design it out, script it out, produce the offer, funnel and product
Step 3: Launch it, advertise it and get some data/feedback (optimize & scale)
Step 4: Rinse and repeat
Step 1: Get clear about what you are offering (strategy)
Step 2: Build it out, design it out, script it out, produce the offer, funnel and product
Step 3: Launch it, advertise it and get some data/feedback (optimize & scale)
Step 4: Rinse and repeat
Step 1: Get clear about what you are offering (strategy)
Step 2: Build it out, design it out, script it out, produce the offer, funnel and product
Step 3: Launch it, advertise it and get some data/feedback (optimize & scale)
This is how you launch and monetize your expertise or sell your products and services online. Based on the “data” that you are given, you make the adjustments necessary to increase conversion and increase your sales, otherwise known as “results.”
So, if you’re NOT clear about your offer (products/services), or how you’re going to sell your offer (the funnel) and you’re not clear about how you’re going to bring that offer to the marketplace (advertising & traffic sources), then the first step for you is GET CLEAR and have a well thought through STRATEGY that is proven to produce results based on other models of success in your market.
We call this strategy a “Funnel Day.”
You can learn more about our Funnel Day Experience at www.FunnelDay.com and discover why people get massive clarity and direction from a full one-day strategy session or two day intensive workshop with us.
One person said, “I’ve gotten more clarity in one day with you Bryan than two years that I’ve been in this $25,000 mastermind that I’m in!” Now, that’s a powerful statement!

Lesson #1: Find A Mentor, Coach Or Mastermind To Accelerate Your Profits

Find someone who has the results that you want. Someone who has been where you are and who has gone through the ups and downs of bringing products and services to the marketplace.
Find someone who has the “data” that you don’t yet have in order to help shortcut the time in takes to get to your goal. A mentor or coach with data can help you eliminate the trial and error, and also help foresee what will NEVER work in your market before you go down the wrong path.
A mentor will be the fastest path to success for you as it was for me when I started my career in 2006.
Consider I’m constantly upleveling my game by having mentors and coaches who can see my blind spots, who can see the things that I can not see. That’s why I’m in masterminds like Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle and even my own mastermind of brilliant men, The LionChasers Mastermind.
This leads me to lesson number two, which we’re going to get into some meat when it comes to what I have seen after investing $2.3 million in advertising.

Lesson #2: Test Your Headlines First

Did you know that if your headline sucks the market will tell you? The first thing people see is your headline and they decide if they are going to move forward and get into your funnel or NOT based on your headline.
In one test we did we had a 23% opt in rate and then we changed the headline which resulted in a 43% average jump after we had over 100,000 people visit that same page.
I’m sure glad that we didn’t settle for a 23% headline, because if we did we would have left a LOT of money on the table and that’s what I see a lot of people doing right now, leaving a lot of money on the table.
Are you leaving a lot of money on the table? I would suggest that you schedule a call with one of my digital marketing experts to see how much money you are leaving on the table and we can help you pick that up 😉
Now, are you ready for some practical application?

Here’s a great way to test your headlines:

Step 1: create a document called, “Headline Ideas” and make a list of all the headlines you can think of. I recommend getting some smart people on this to help you craft headlines that are proven to convert.
This is something we help you do, if you choose to work with us to launch & monetize your expertise. Click Here to schedule a call to see how we can help you with your copywriting.
Step 2: Circle the top 10 and setup some Facebook Ads to test to see what the market most resonates with.
This is another area I find people never do. If you test your headlines and let your market tell you what they most resonate with by liking it, commenting on it and all of that stuff… you will be able to lead with your best headline.
Next, put $1,000 behind it and find the #1 headline out of the top 10 headlines you created.
This will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to advertising your funnel.
Oh and don’t worry where they go. You don’t need the funnel LIVE in order to test this. In fact, the ad should focus on the headline being the focus NOT where they are going next.
For the sake of the test you could just send them to your main website.
What you’re looking for is: are they commenting? Are they liking your ad? Are they interacting with your ad? Zuckerberg already came out and gave us an update that he said he wants discussion, so whatever headline and ad that generates the most discussion and activity is the winner.
The key is to let the market tell you which headline they most resonate with rather than letting your judgement “think” what the best headline is out of the gate.
You will save time and money using this strategy.

Lesson #3: Model Success – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

“The fastest path to success is finding someone else who is already successful and modeling them.” At least that’s what Tony Robbins said, and I would agree with him.
Do you know the top 10 people in your market who have similar offers and who are marketing to your ideal audience? If you don’t have 10, that’s fine. Who are the people in your market who are testing offers and selling similar products or services?
You should look at their ads and save them.
You should go through their funnels and save them.
You should purchase their products and capture them.
You should go through their user experience and document that.
Doing this will give you an understanding of what they are doing that’s working and it will allow you to find ways you can “ONE UP” them, and make the experience better for your customers.
This will give you incredible insight and ideas about how you can make your offers better in your market.
The only downside is that you have to invest by purchasing what they have to offer, but I would suggest to you that it’s one of the best investments you can make.
First, find the top 3-5 people in your market who are selling something similar to what you have to offer.
Second, follow & like them on social media so you can spy on what they are doing and see their ads when Facebook or Instagram starts to show that information to you.
Third, go through their funnels and read every word, listen to every video but while you’re doing that think about how you can STAND OUT and be different in a positive way.
Marketing is all about standing out and being different in a unique way that resonates with your ideal prospects and customers.
I am always thinking, “what can I do that’s better or different that will get the attention of the people I want to see what I have to offer?”
You should start thinking that way too.
Another great way to spy on your competitors is to use a tool called SpyFu. It’s a great tool and I find it useful in showing me what keywords my competitors are targeting and what other sites are relevant to them that I should know about or that I should be looking into deeper.
There are a bunch of other “spy tools and software” out there that are incredibly helpful in your research phase, which is a never ending process due to the new offers and new funnels constantly coming out.
Stay on top of your game. Stay on top of your competition and always think, “how can I be better and be different, so that I STAND OUT?!”

Lesson #4: Understand Your Value Ladder

A value ladder is everything you have to offer. From free offers like webinar funnels or free reports all the way up to high ticket $100,000+ products or services that you may offer.
It’s been said, “those who can pay the most to acquire a customer will always win.”
It’s true, think about it.
If you have a value ladder where people invest say $100,000 with you, then you can spend a lot of money to acquire that customer.
A big problem I see with people who want to sell their products or services online is that they only have a few things to sell and then on top of that they don’t have much margin in it.
For example: I have a client who has a $197 course and she does webinars to build trust with people and provide massive value before she asks them to take the next step and purchase her course. The problem with only having this one product is that it’s hard to make any money with one product.
So, I told her she needs to be thinking about “what’s next?” for the customer?
Is it a workshop? Is it a retreat? Is it a certification? Is it other affiliates offers? Is is all of the above?
The fastest way to increase your profits and revenue is to build out your value ladder and charge more for deeper experiences with you.
One of our partners reached $1 million in revenue from his funnels before he decided to launch his live event, coaching and his personal mastermind.
The crazy thing was when he decided to launch these three higher tickets offers, the revenue went from $100k per month to almost $500k in just ONE month. That’s the power of having $5k, $15k and even $25,000 offers in your arsenal.
People want to go to that level with you, especially if you are an expert in your craft and can help people truly go to the Next Level.
So, lesson number three is to fatten and build out your value ladder of offers that people can invest with you. This will increase your bottom line and allow you to effortlessly advertise without worrying about tight margins in your business.
It’s time to fatten that ladder up 🙂

Lesson #5: Build Trust, Connect & Provide Massive Value In Advance For FREE

Everybody wants to turn on some ads, generate some traffic and make some money. I get it and that’s the goal of every advertising campaign you run.
But first, you must understand the way in which people buy online.
First, they are extremely skeptical and do NOT trust anyone especially when they have never seen you before and you just popped up out of nowhere. To those people you look like a newbie that just came on the market. Even if you have been practicing your craft for a decade or longer.
So, what I recommend and what I’ve seen incredible results with is providing massive value for free first and then once a relationship is built you now have the opportunity to make an offer.
One great way to do this is to jump on video and post some video ads on Facebook where you start by speaking to the problems your market is facing.
Step 1: make a list of all the problems people have in your market.
Step 2: figure out the top 10 in order of priority.
Step 3: make a video talking to the problem and how you have overcome that yourself
Step 4: run 5-10 videos to build a relationship before…
Step 5: run remarketing ads on Facebook that focuses on how your offer can help them solve all those problems you’ve already spoken about in the previous videos.
If you need help with figuring our how to run Facebook Ads, we have created a 5 Day Facebook Ad Challenge that’s FREE and will help you learn how to setup and run your Facebook Ads based on our experience of running MILLIONS of dollars through Facebook alone!

Have you ever heard of the law of reciprocity?

The Law of Reciprocity – basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.
The same applies to providing value online for free. You see, they see you as someone who is an expert and who is providing value to them without asking for something in return.
If you do this enough, you will earn their trust and they will be much more likely to buy from you.
The best example of this is podcasts. Think about some top podcasts that you might listen to? Entrepreneur On Fire, Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone.
All of these men are great examples of experts who provide massive value for free and they focus exclusively on building that relationship with you before asking you to spend even a dime.
So, why do we think that we can skip this part of the process?
Listen, if you want to make your dent in the universe, you will need to start doing things outside the box. You will need to be seen as a Thought Leader and someone who provides guidance and direction to others on their path.
We do this by giving away advice, strategy, wisdom, etc… for free and we do that through Podcasting, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Our Blog, etc…
So, take some time to think about the problems you can solve in your market and then get on video and start providing massive value. You will stand out. You will attract the right people to you. You will get incredible data that you will never receive from anyone else, because it’s YOU on video in front of your target audience.

How Can We Help You Go To The Next Level?

Whether you are just starting out or you are already earning 6, 7 or 8 figures, we can help.  Apply here or schedule a free strategy session to see how we can help with your funnels, your offers and your advertising & marketing strategy.

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