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No more lone wolfing it any more. I have found my pack at the Legacy Builders Live event.

No more lone wolfing it any more. I have found my pack at the Legacy Builders Live event.

My name is Jeannie Simona’s. I’m a physical therapist. We’re coming. This is actually how we’re coming from Denver. So the reason I’m here is I’m ready to scale my business. Um, I develop my own body works that’s effective and for each results. And I want healers to have access to an easy way of taking care of other clients and all the didn’t care of themselves. And so I have been doing it. I’m very successful, but I’ve been doing it by myself up to this point and I’m really, really clear. It’s fine for me to resource off. Um, and so I’m not lone wolfing it anymore. I’m really looking for my task. Um, and I just really found, I feel like I found my home and I feel, I really love what I’ve seen so far and the success stories that it’s been created and I want to be one of the success stories.

I want to build my legacy. So I’m really excited to be here. I wanna say something. I’m the mate of this lovely human being right here and I’m here to support her as well as learn how to build my own business and build and how to scale that and create more success for the entire family. Legacy is, um, it’s not so much what I could do for now, but it’s like what my imprint would be for the world. Like how, how my impact would impact others. That’s what legacy means to me. It’s Kinda like you begin to understand life when you could plant a tree and you might not get the sit under its shade, you know? So if I could plant something now but others could enjoy the shade up, that’s what legacy means to me and I have to somewhat agree with that.

It’s just creating a ripple effect at a last through generations, whether it’s through my family or the people I touch without throughout my lifetime or people I touch when I’m on stage. That is what legacy is and creating friendships and community around that message. We’ve specifically chose to go and Brian and nick because they have this together, cause we know how important it is to surround yourself with like my haunts people. I thought it was the watch he wanted to watch. Um, no, but it’s kind of like surround yourself with amazing people that could get behind you. Um, and, and literally when I was sitting in the chair yesterday, I couldn’t envision myself making $1 million and now after we’re not even done. And I’m like, wow, no kidding. It’s just like an eight figure business. And so that’s what it feels like, you know, to have the value of it.

And really I could really see those numbers being realized in a short amount of time. For me, I think the Aha moment was really realizing you can’t do this on your own. You really need a team behind you and you want to work with people that actually can propel you to that next level. You could do it by yourself, but it’s going to take, you might something that takes them three months, could take you five years to accomplish the same thing. So for me that was the Aha moment and it’s willing to invest the money to work with them or work with a mentor to propel you to that next level guys is in order for you level up, you have to resource that. And um, and it matters who you resource, right? I’ve heard so many stories while I’m here, people saying expense $70,000 and that guy in any value and these guys, this event alone three.

Yes. And we love the fact that there both of them have their wives in the business all week. Again long like you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can just model success and we’ve seen nick and Megan and Stephanie and Brian and the people, the financing people, Andrea [inaudible] family and another mother couple and how Mike the highest honor your wife’s from the friend of the road. That’s really moving to me. Yeah. You really are interested in, if we’re eating a fat in the sector legacy, it’s just not one person, but the whole family riding together and be seen that year. Right. That’s really exciting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I agree. Why do you need to be here at legacy builders live? Well, you can sit on your couch and eat bon bons or you can get your butt off the couch and get on with your life and get your head in the game and get on the field, and you can do that right here at legacy buildings live.

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