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Legacy Builders Live has helped so many people and have such an impact out in the world

Legacy Builders Live has helped so many people and have such an impact out in the world

Um, how would say that I’m really the focus, kind of the nuts and bolts of building a business and building a brand and, uh, creating, you know, an offer, an irresistible offer. And then, um, really more importantly is, you know, like the idea of the mastermind and, um, just the way that nick and Brian create an environment where everybody is really collaborating and they really encouraged that. They don’t, um, you know, they’re not in competition. They don’t, they don’t look at everybody as competition to them. They’re just being of service and giving so much and they want everybody else to kind of have that opportunity to, um, you know, network and support each other, encourage each other, work together, what have you. So that’s probably one of the biggest things, um, that I really got out of this event as far as, um, that goes so honestly off the charts, you know.

Um, I’ve, uh, know nick for about 11 years. I used to actually from Connecticut. So before we actually moved out here to San Diego, I got to know him a little bit. And as a young guy, he told me exactly what he was going to do. And um, I just believed him. He gets so much conviction over the years. I’ve watched him a little bit from afar and he’s done everything and more that he said he was going to do. Um, and then I met Brian, uh, last month at a life on fire event here in San Diego and got to know Brian just a little bit more on a personal level because he was actually attending the event just like I was. And he kind of made himself available just like everybody else. So to kind of listen to his story and watch him and do a little research on him.

I mean what they say, um, you know, they do it. And for myself, I had a real breakthrough at the life on fire event, um, on integrity itself. So just the role models to me as far as that goes, they do what they said they’re going to do something like this. It provides so much value that if you put some of these things into action in your life, uh, from day one, you walk outta here and instead of like just letting it all go and you know, forgetting about things, if you put it into action and, um, you know, the sky’s the limit. I mean, it’s what ever, it’s whenever a ceiling that you put put, put on it, you can just go as high as you want to. And, and from this kind of advantage give you all a lot of the tools and the support structure, especially if you join like the legacy builders which have joined.

Um, when you do that and you have all the support, you know, you can do anything. It’s basically guaranteed. I mean, they’ve helped so many people, you know, have such an impact out in the world and that’s, that’s what I’m here for is to make an impact. The money’s going to be a byproduct, but it’s to make an impact out in the world. I would say for me is that I don’t have to do things alone. Um, you know, I’m, I have a habit of doing that at times and it’s, uh, it’s held me back. So just being able to ask for help, getting the help, I’m getting the encouragement, support the coaching and um, the empowerment from people and acknowledgement you do do something. Um, it just really is very inspiring, motivating, and, um, you know, I’m part of a community now. I’ve got made some amazing friends, um, and, and people that I know that I’m going to do some work with.

So it’s really just a sense of community and the fact that I don’t have to do it alone. And I’ve got some people that are behind me and I’m really believing in me. Get here. Um, I’m telling you from a guy that might like myself, who was why I lost everything, but I made it out of here from Connecticut and, um, I put it all on the line to be here. I burned the boats to be here and I’m telling you right now, um, great things are happening from you already, so it can happen for you as well.

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