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Legacy Builders Live is priceless. So much about the energy and it's contagious.

Legacy Builders Live is priceless. So much about the energy and its contagious

I’ve listened to the videos and the audios of, you know, Brian Tracy, Jim Roan, like for years and years and years. Um, but I’ve never made it to an event. And now I understand live events are just a whole other level. You can get a lot of knowledge from books and tapes and videos, but the live event energy, it’s so much about the energy and it’s just a collective group and the energy is so high and the vibration is so high and you just, it’s contagious. You can’t be in there and not be excited. So Brian and Nick’s integrity has just been, my goodness. It’s, it’s just amazing and you can feel it. So honestly, I’m an empath. So I get people’s vibrations, I get their energy, I can feel stuff, and they are so genuine that I trust them so much in this process moving forward.

Everybody in the organization can’t wait to work with Casey and Megan. I’m super excited about working with the whole group because I can just feel how honest and just amazing men that they are. Um, so I don’t have any qualms at all about starting this journey with them. And I’ll be honest, if I was contemplating starting this journey with someone else, I would really, I’m not sure I could do it, but I have so much faith in them just from this weekend and the previous weekend that I am all in. I just absolutely believe in them and I trust my future and my son’s future and my granddaughter’s future to them. And that’s St a lot, cause my granddaughter is my world and I’m trusting their future, her future to them. So I’m excited. Legacy Builders Live is priceless. It, this was absolutely priceless event. Um, it didn’t matter how much the ticket was.

Um, it definitely over-delivered. Um, I got the value of what I paid exponentially in what I learned and the people I met, the networking and just, there was so much information and value that even though, you know, I’m not, like, I don’t already have my business, there was so much information that I am comfortable that within the 30 days that I’m like launching my business, I will be able to do this. So, um, yeah. So I have absolutely every confidence in them. And you know, I would, I would spend so much more than what I did just because they’ve given me the confidence to believe in myself. And that’s where it starts. Oh my gosh, there were so many. Um, absolutely so many Aha moments. Um, but the legacy, why am I doing this? Just like for my son, my granddaughter. But the fact that it, it’s, it’s, it’s in me.

The spark is in me. I know it’s there. I known as there, but I haven’t done anything with it because I wasn’t sure I could. Um, and just them building up my belief in the fact that if I don’t believe enough, nick will believe enough. Casey will believe enough. They will take what lack I have of, you know, belief w however small or large it is, and they will fill that gap for me. So I am so confident that they’re going to help me get to where I am and they’re going to get me to where I absolutely believed, absolutely believe that this is, this is what I meant to do. Oh my goodness. If, if you’re even thinking just to teeniest little bit about going to some event, any event, I so recommend this one because one, you’ve got nick and Brian and they’re so wonderful.

They’re such wonderful men and it comes back to the integrity, but the energy and the vibration and you get so much you get, again, I don’t have a business I tried in the past and I’ve failed, but they give you the tools that make you actually like you can write down, okay, I need to do this and I need to do this and I need to do this. They give you steps that will help you whether you buy their whole program or not, you’re still coming away with knowledge that can help you in your business tomorrow. A need, forget tomorrow, tonight, right, so you can’t miss it. You just, you’ve got to come and spend the two days and whatever the dollars are, just do it because you’re not going to get this information and the feeling and the belief anywhere else. This is where you’re going to get it. All right, so next time this event comes up, you need to be here. No excuses. You just need to be here, okay. Believe in yourself and get yourself in one of those seats.

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