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Legacy Builders Live provided me with finding clarity in launching my business

Legacy Builders Live provided me with finding clarity in launching my business

Yeah, I’ve actually, this is my second true mastermind, but I have been to a lot of personal and professional development seminars in the past. And, uh, what was different about Legacy Builders Live is it really provided me with a step by step guide for finding clarity in launching my business. Um, and or if you already have a business, it would, it’s great for growing, um, step-by-step for how to scale where some of the other seminars I’ve been to, um, you didn’t really get that tactical, tangible, step-by-step knowledge of what to do next based on where you are. So I just, I found tremendous value. Yeah. You know, um, again, like I said, I’ve been to quite a few events, so to s to hear them and see them up on stage, um, just the genuine character that they exude, um, in how they approached the event, um, how they said, you know, they’re going to overdeliver.

They certainly did. Um, and you can just tell they genuinely care. It comes across in energy. I don’t think you can fake that. Um, and just to see their, you know, families are here supporting them and the various speakers that came to support them, you know, that they must be doing something right, um, for other people to come and partake in the event and speak on their behalf and share their knowledge with us. So it was really awesome. I would say with all honesty that by noon of the first day I had well-received, um, the value equated to that in my opinion. You know, I don’t know if I had spent 2,500 3,500 on it, I would still be satisfied, but that was just from the knowledge and the speakers were incredible. But then also something that I don’t think you can put a value on is to be able to connect with people that can help you lifelong in your business and then potentially finding a coach that you resonate with.

Um, I’ve been kind of searching for that for awhile, so I don’t know that I could’ve put a value on that. And I feel that I found that here. So I just think it’s just been, it’s been so worth my time. One of the things I heard on the first day was that investing in personal development, if it’s easy, you’re probably not thinking big enough. And that really hit home with me. Um, in terms of, you know, finding coaches and mentors and finding yourself in events and surrounding yourself with like minded people. Um, if there isn’t, if you don’t feel a little bit of a stretch in order to be present in events like this or to work with a coach, you’re probably not thinking big enough and your business isn’t gonna, you’re not gonna be able to be big enough for your business. Um, and I have one other one today.

I, I loved, um, we had a speaker that going over like the ladder of progression in terms of from the beginning of learning knowledge and starting a business to scaling it to two millions of dollars. And where I was at in that process. And, and I, I felt really good about knowing that I was on the right path and okay with where I was at, knowing that you do have to go through all those steps to get to the scale that I want to get to. So that was really valuable today. If you want to have a step by step guide, real action steps, I’m not just fluff, not just you Rah, Rah, go start a business, figure out how to do it. If you really want to know the steps that it takes to scale and the level that Brian and nick have done, you need to be here.

Um, some other events aren’t going to give you those, those actual tangible steps that you can take and um, ways to accomplish that. So that’s what this event did for me and I, I haven’t been to an event that’s done that yet. Um, so and then surrounding yourself with like minded people, you know, that everyone knows about the five people closest to you. It’s kind of with the culmination of your life in your, in your income is going to be. So I just find that I need to immerse myself in people that are like minded, like me, to keep me on track and to keep me motivated and to keep me focused on, on my goals and what I want to achieve. And if I don’t surround myself with people like that on a regular basis, it’s very easy to slip back into your old life. And I don’t want to go that back to my old life. I’m ready to just keep going forward. Um, and this events, what did that for me? So you got to come. I will. I’ll be back. Yeah. Yeah. Sign up.

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