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Real content they delivered at Legacy Builders Live you can apply immediately into your business.

Real content they delivered at Legacy Builders Live you can apply immediately into your business

So I would tell you this, first of all, the, the real content that they delivered here, that you can apply it immediately into your business. It’s pretty amazing. Out of the first day. I mean, I actually took more notes at this event and I’ve, and I’ve attended a lot of events in my lifetime than most other events. And, uh, I and I also, some of the speakers and trainers were like some of the best that, that, uh, you know, that I’ve ever actually heard or seen or as well. Yeah. So just so everybody knows by story, James Mouth Check is one of my other coaches and James Hired Brian to do office releases of funnels for a major, major project that he’s working on. And so I’ve been after Brian for about three months. I own a travel, comes up and travel a lot and it just worked out, be able to come to this event.

And there’s no doubt. I mean, you come out the top 1% over 1%. And in terms of funnels and sales with Brian, and then Nick, uh, I’ve known about nick and never actually worked with him as well. Uh, but you can just, you just know these guys know what they’re talking about. They’re, you know, I always tell people, you know, keep people alive at numbers don’t, and they have done incredible with their marketing. And so we’re super excited to be partnering up with them. Uh, here’s what the reality is. I would, I mean, I paid five, $10,000 for an event like this, uh, two days of, uh, there’s literally, I mean, I, like I said, I took more notes on at this event and I have a lot of events and knows that not only were inspiring the things that were very practical to help me with my current business.

And so, I mean, what was that, you know, five to $10,000 investment in this type of book, man to net tie six or potentially of course seven figures as well, where, all right, so, um, so biggest takeaways are, are one, uh, just, you know, really making sure that I can communicate my story and vision more clearly. Uh, number two is, uh, now, uh, incorporating a higher ticket item inside of our sales process. Uh, and then, um, and then I would also say some of the JV partnerships and strategic lines, uh, friendships that I’ve already created just from this event. I would, I would guess to say cause this from some of the people that I’ve very connected with, so they’ll be some six figure deals done. Uh, just with the people I’ve met at this event. So I’m super excited about that as well. Yeah, guys, listen, if you’ve ever wanted to go to an event that will radically change your life, this is the one, not, if not, maybe come to one of these events. Legacy builders is going to be that event for you that can literally change your life. I mean, when I was just talking to somebody and, and who was debating whether to become part of the mastermind group, and I say, here’s the thing, there’s probably, there’s a little bit of you right now, says I should do it. All you need to do is believe in that little bit and go do this and join them, uh, to the mastermind group and just make sure that you turn all these events.

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