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You can't put a price tag on Legacy Builders Live. You have to experience it!

You cant put a price tag on Legacy Builders Live. You have to experience it

Legacy is a life moving momentum that all of us should be living out at passion in order to have an impact on the world where that energy can be taken to new levels. For me, legacy is the influence, the everything that I’m leaving for my son, the way that I show up for him, the way that I’m raising him. For him to look at me and say, I want to be just like my mom or better. So I am one of those people who I plan, I plan everything, I research, I do nothing without having a list of ways to accomplish. I attended their abundance event less than two months ago and after spending four days with them, I am committed to leaving my corporate career to become an entrepreneur, doing exactly what I love to do, planning of events that change people’s lives. And if they didn’t show up the way they showed up with their integrity, with their authenticity and the true belief in me, I mean I, I took out a loan, I bought the money I bought into it and that is because I have never ever trusted.

And had that confidence that investing in myself through them is the right decision. I believe that they’re living the dream and the life as an example for us to model and that they’re willing to give us those tools to help be a platform and we can build on all of this. I would say for me, honestly, it happened at the networking event truly before nick and Brian even got on stage. Just the conversations, the connections, the event ended it at a eight I always sat in the, in the restaurant till 10:30 at night. There’s so many of them I, I can’t even Phantom to count them. I’m sure that I have a list that is probably five pages now, which is me having a correlate back into putting into frame for myself so I can bring it down to specifics, but there’s just, it’s mind blowing.

You can’t put a price tag on Legacy Builders Live. You have to experience it. So I mean, my answer would be whatever price tag they put on it, it’s you will receive more value than whatever they’re charging. I have to agree the energy, the environment from the, if you’ve never done any event like this or if you have, you will walk into the room on the first day and you will instantly get chills. Just it is, I’m telling you, you cannot put into words adrenaline boost Fisher. Just get here. Your mind is going to be comprehending things that your capacity will just start to open up and you’ll have new understandings on where you need to go. So just get here so you can figure out where you have to go in life. Even if I was a very hesitant, scarcity mentality person, they have opened my eyes to the possibilities and I can do anything and you will. I will watch me.

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