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I align with the integrity Nick and Bryan have and Legacy Builders Live event is worth $10k

I align with the integrity Nick and Bryan have and Legacy Builders Live event is worth 10k

So my name is Christina Mann. Gino, I, uh, for me it’s about the heart of generosity. So I have a heart of generosity, family process, um, that really captures protecting the heart of families who have created success in their life and want to make sure that the seeds that they planted will flourish for generations to come. Um, well I think there’s nothing. Yeah, I mean integrity is one of my core values. Um, so I aligned with nick and Brian and that in their hearts for me, they just embody heart-centered leaders. Um, and they really do truly care about your success and your results, um, in a way that you have no, you just have no idea how much they believe in you. They truly do believe in your full success. Um, and so really like when they invest in you, it’s only you in your way.

So every event nick puts on and Bryan, but they’re always fantastic. Um, but I think it’s easily a $10,000 event. I mean, you have the caliber of speakers that without a doubt, I mean, just recalling him, he just brought it down. I mean, he, if you cannot come in here and see that you have everything it takes to make $1 million and have any doubts, um, you’re not in the right environment. Um, but it’s absolutely an event that for me, it’s life changing. I, you’d walk away with not only the, the people that you meet and the content with the value that you get out of it, it will just absolutely reap so many benefits in your life and you just apply the principles if you know that there’s something in your heart. I mean, like for me, nick brought out in me something that was in my heart that I knew, um, but I’d always been in my little comfort zone box over here. And it was, it was, it was a nice comfy box, but I knew, um, that it really was not my true passion and calling. And when Nick brought that out, I mean, how do we step into that? It’s just been so much fun that, um, so for me, passion and fun is a, has to exude, and that is, he brought that out of me. And so I am ever afraid, thankful for nick. And he asked always, we’ll have a special place in my heart.

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