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25 years in the live event industry…Legacy Builders Live event is powerful

25 years in the live event industry...Legacy Builders Live event is powerful

I have been in the event industry for over 25 years, so been to lots of events and I’ve been more selective the older I get. So for me to be here, uh, you know, this is, this is a powerful event and if, you know, for, especially for people that want to have a bigger impact in the world, so, you know, I just know you just see the genuine and authentic authenticity of nick and Brian and they’re really just an amazing team together. Um, legacy is, you know, first and foremost, leaving an impact, uh, and, uh, you know, for my family, uh, and my children and eventually their children. Uh, and also beyond that, you know, to leave something better on this planet, then, you know, where I left, you know, the costs, you know, for the event. Uh, you know, I mean, it just was a no brainer, you know, offer to be here, you know, simply because of the, uh, you know, the amount of bonuses that they threw in to be able to, you know, make the investment.

So it’s been, you know, it’s been, uh, you know, it’s just one of those ridiculous offers that up, you know, you’d have to be a dumb ass to not do it. Okay. So I’ve been to all different types of events, events up to $25,000 just for two days. Right. So, um, so this event is priceless in terms of, you know, if you’re in that place where if you just want to gain clarity and have, you know, the dynamic duo of mindset and implementation, you know, you know, you’re in the right place to be able to create, you know, unlimited wealth in your life and, uh, an impact yet they should be charging at least $5,000 for this event. Yeah. I mean, I always have aha moments. I mean, I mean, it’s just a, I have a beginner’s mindset, which is why I’m here. Um, you know, when I run into people that know me in the industry, they said, why would you go to an event like this?

Um, is because literally, you know, I need a refresher. Like I need a reboot. Um, so the Aha for me, it was like going back to the basics, you know, the basic fundamentals. Um, and being able to apply, you know, right away, like literally, what can I apply today? Most people that come to these events literally, you know, leave here and never do a thing, right? So, um, the biggest thing is leaving here and actually taking action on somebody’s wealth making. Brian, you know, I appreciate you, I appreciate the fact that youtube came together. You’re obviously, we’re meant to be together, right? You know, just, uh, you know, you guys really worked well together and I just really appreciate all you’ve put together to, to make this happen. Yeah. Legacy builders event is really powerful.

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