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Cashflow Tactics Case Study: Zero To 2CCX Status In Less Than 7 Months with Bryan’s Help!

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I’ve got to say I am really honored and proud of the work that we are doing with Cashflow Tactics, which is helping people become Financially FREE in 10 years or less regardless of their age, income or experience… helping them secure their financial futures so they can rise up and live FREE!

It has been amazing creating a TRIBE of #EmpireBuilders and the impact that it is creating in families lives across the nation is a true blessing.

Listen and tune into this 3rd party interview from Michael Long with OMG Machines and Ryan D. Lee with Cashflow Tactics

Michael interviews Ryan about how my creatively brilliant team and I have helped him and the team at Cashflow Tactics design, create and build “the right offers” along with architecting “the right funnels” followed by bringing those offers to market through “strategic advertising” to go on to generating more than 2CCX status in less than 7 months from the time of launch…

… and not only that but going on to winning the prestigious 8 Figure Club Award at Funnel Hacking LIVE this year and also landing them on Grant Cardone’s 10X LIVE Event in Florida this year to share their success story with more than 20,000 people where Grant Cardone literally parachuted into the stadium… which was surely the sight to see.

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Cashflow Tactics with Ryan D. Lee + Bradley Gibb + Jimmy Vreeland

Read about the first 90 days – click here

Do you need help with your funnels, your marketing or your advertising?

Schedule a FREE strategy session or request a quote to see how we can assist you with your funnels, your offers or your advertising just like we have helped Cashflow Tactics… we can help you too!

This is what we LOVE to do and this is what we are the best in the World at doing for others.

Here’s the transcript from the interview:

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “This is Mike Long, I’m here. I’m beach side and I am really, really excited. I’ve been chomping at the bit for this all week. We’re here with Ryan D. Lee and he is … I’m going to speed my way through this story, but I was telling Ryan how it all happened. We were already getting ready for this incredible golden ticket event with Bryan. We couldn’t be more excited about it, but then for a totally different reason, I was going to the 10X event that’s right down the street here in Miami. A friend got me a VIP ticket and I went to go and see Myron because Myron’s an OMGer and I’m partners with him on some projects, so I went to go see Myron. So Myron was speaking from the stage where the Marlin’s play. It’s a huge baseball stadium, 30,000 people, and as I come in, Ryan’s partner is actually on, he was just about to take the stage, he’s just taking the stage, his name is Bradley and he just tells the craziest, most awesome, inspiring story.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “So, he’s up there on stage with Russel Brunson of Click Funnels and he says, “you know, these are smart guys. My partners are smart guys, I’m a smart guy and we’re doing this business but it’s really getting hard. And, we’re making money but it was really a grind and sometimes we even wonder if it was worth it.” I think I remember him saying and then, they joined forces and, we’re going to get the story behind this, they joined forces with Bryan. And, they put, don’t get me wrong, the results is extraordinary, I don’t want to spoil it but, blood, sweat and tears went into it but I think you’re really going to enjoy this event and I think you’re going to enjoy meeting Ryan here today. It’s an honor for me.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “So, and I even actually met Bradley Gibb as he came off the stage or not long after he came off the stage, we were crossing into the VIP area and I was like, “hey, man, I saw your story. I really, really loved it.” Can you give us, what is the backstory behind Cash Flow Tactics and what you’ve done with it? You guys have hit a phenomenal number, I don’t want to steal your thunder, where were you when you when you met Bryan and what’s going on right now?”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “Yeah, Michael, that’s great man, I tell you what, I’m going to give you just a little bit of the backstory to set some context on the amazing results that Bryan helped us accomplish. But, here’s the thing, so we came up in a very, we’re in financial services, right? And, this is our, this is our path. Now, we’ve always done things atypical, right? We’re not your traditional financial advisors that, you know, you tell us what you want or we’re going to give you a menu of options. We’re very, very specific about what we do. But, the reality for us was everything we did was one on one. Everything we did was over a kitchen table. Everything we did required you to refer a friend to me because I didn’t know how to have one critical skill, which is the skill of marketing.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics:“After a couple years of this we decided, man, we’ve got to figure out how to drive leads, we’ve got to figure out to drive leads. We hired a lot of local marketing agencies who gave us local marketing solutions which really was just throwing money into a black hole.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics:“And, then, one day, one of our friends, who’s a publisher, over at Agora, gave us “Dot Com Secrets,” we read “Dot Com Secrets,” our mind opened up to the exact blue print of path that we needed to follow. And, so, we went out from reading, “Dot Com Secrets,” we went to [inaudible 00:04:02] four years ago, back in San Diego. And, we saw what was possible with click funnels and with marketing and creating a message and, ultimately, creating a movement, which is really what we aspired to do.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics:  “But, the reality of it was, as we dove in we realized, man, it takes a massive set of skills to be able to take what’s in this book and to go out and create a movement. There’s so many moving pieces. It’s one thing to have a funnel, it’s a completely different thing to have a system, to have a machine that you can put a message out into the marketplace and have a machine to funnel people through.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “And, for about two years, we took things that Russel said, we took elements out of his book and we applied them. And, man, we had success. But, everything was still one on one. Everything was still, you know, how do we meet with more people? But, we felt stuck. We weren’t getting any closer to this idea of creating a movement. And, so, we decided to go all in last year. We decided to do something we’ve never done before. Up to this point, we hadn’t made it, I’ve got a two comma club hanging here. It took us three years to earn this two comma club, using “Dot Com Secrets.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “But, we went and we said, “okay, no more are we going to hire contractors and people that we have to tell them what to do.” Because, honestly, we don’t know what to do. We need to be led in this space. We were referred by a mutual friend, Bryan. We went out to Funnel Hacking Live, not Funnel Hacking Live, we went out to his day, his day of clarity and we went with our vision. We went with our vision of what we wanted to create. Bryan saw the vision and he then frame worked out what it would take to create a system, a marketing system, a platform, to be able to deliver on this mission.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “And, when he presented it to us the next day, man, it was like the yellow brick road. Man, he gave us so step by step, exactly what we needed to do. That’s probably why it’s the golden ticket, right? He literally handed us the golden ticket and said, “look, with my expertise I can help you stand on stages, I can help you lead a movement, I can help you create what it is you want to create and stay in your lane of expertise.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “So, for three months we took everything down and, for three months we built, we built, we built, we built. And, we launched in August of last year. No, I think it was July, ‘cuz we wanted to do right around Fourth of July, we missed that deadline but we launched right the end of July or August last year. And in 90 days, what took us three years to do, we did in 90 days. We earned a million dollars and we well surpassed that.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “Wow! I like, I know there’s more to this story.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics:“It was crazy.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “It’s very inspiring and I love how you talked about how you built and built and built. You know, we have a saying in OMG, “you build you or you bag.” We actually have a couple of OMGers that have “build or bag” tattoos.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “Yeah.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “And, the thing is, nothing in life, you will never get anywhere without building something of real tremendous value. But, I think that one of the things that you guys finally got to experience, I remember my very first business I made was a game store. And, I remember I had this, it was surrounding Magic the Gathering, I was a Magic Gathering World Champion and that’s why I made this store. So, I was teaching this little girl to play one day. And, I was like, “man, if I could just record this and put this online.” Because, online was there and I was doing internet marketing at the time, I was like, “it would be such betterment, you know, not just to me but to ever … you know, you’d reach so many more people.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “And, it wasn’t, you know, it was, soon enough that dream became a reality and I came out with my first course and stuff like. But, what we do, so much of what’s going on with the internet is recognize the value proposition. And, one of the value propositions is the copy paste, the video, but where we don’t loose, see, it’s not to be confused with television commercials. Television commercials are still a direct response thing, very similar to a news paper or radio ad, they’re not this dynamic, interactive thing like, say, a webinar can be. Or, like with this event that we have here, people can, during the webinar, ask Bryan questions or ask me questions and get into chat or whatever.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “So, that’s, you still have that intimacy of that kitchen table conversation, you still have the power of it, really. But, really you’re amplifying it and you’re able, you built super hard for those first months. So, what happened in that ninety days of madness, where you guys made a million dollars.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “So, even before we made that million dollars, I’ll tell you what man, what Bryan helped us do is Bryan helped us put the system together from front to back, all of the pieces. Because, honestly, what stood in our way was us. We would try one piece and we would have a little bit of success and then we’d get stuck. We’d have one more piece and a little bit of success and get stuck. We shut everything done and we put the system together from front to back, from perfect webinar to optimization funnels to follow up sequences to a membership site to a value ladder, everything. We did everything. Man, it was massive work. It took tons of time but it was a manifestation of what we always had inside of us. We just needed someone who could see the path to framing it out from a marketing standpoint and really helping us to brand it in a way.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “So many people when they talk to financial planners it’s spreadsheets, it’s numbers and that’s kind of what we did. You know, Russell helped us learn how to craft a message a little bit better but Cash Flow Tactics is a movement because it’s not about a product. It’s about an outcome. I mean, you can see behind me here, it’s about empowering people and their financial plan to rise up and, just like you said, nothing of value comes for free. You have to work to get it. And, same with your financial plan. You have to rise up and be empowered and be in control. And, ultimately, then, can you live free. But, that’s what Bryan helped us do. He helped us put a brand around a message that is, in most places, spreadsheets and numbers and, “I’ll do a little bit better than you,” and, “my guy has this strategy.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “So, that’s what we created, within months, what we’d been dreaming from launching from the beginning, a webinar from [inaudible 00:10:01] that brought people into, I mean, from talking to one person to talking to hundreds of people at a time.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “Tell me about your very first webinar.”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “Oh, man, that was so scary.”

Mike Long from OMG Machines: “Yeah. So, okay, let’s start with registration. How did you get people on to the webinar?”

Ryan D Lee from Cashflow Tactics: “So, we had a lot of pent up people, kind of, following us over time. So, it’s kind of two fold, right? We had a lot of people that were waiting for us to do this thing. And, so a lot of people were there just out of a warm, a warmish audience. And, then we drove cold traffic, we put money towards ads. And, the great part about this, was there’s a science and Russell always talked about this but Bryan helped us perfect it in our business. Where the science is, for every dollar in marketing now, I know exactly what I’m going to get out from that. So, once I’m profitable on the front end, I want to dump as many dollars into it as I can. Because, if a dollar in income marketing equals two, three, four, five dollars in sales on the back end, why on earth would I not do that? It’s like having a money printing machine where every dollar in generates four. Every dollar in generates.”

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