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From ZERO To 7 Figures In Less Than 12 Months

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We helped Jeremy Miner launch his Sales Training Company which is a Sales Mastery Training company that helps sales professional BREAK Traditional Selling Techniques, also known as The “Old Model” of Selling, which triggers sales resistance from prospects leading to objections and rejection.


We are proud to announce that we have helped Jeremy from conception to a successful launch of his new sales training company using webinars and funnels to build a list of both prospects and buyers. The journey began in July of 2015 when Bryan and Jeremy started a conversation about Jeremy’s vision to create a sales training company that would teach people the “New Model” of selling, because selling has changed over the past few years (since 2008) and the “Old Model” of selling just isn’t working as effectively as it used to many years ago.


You see many of the Old Sales Guru’s are either getting out of the industry and moving into other industries or they are not heavily promoting themselves in the sales training space. Jeremy is the NEW guy when it comes to sales training and communication. Think of it as “communication training” because when you know how to properly communicate and “be of service” (which is selling) then it’s easy to make a sale.


Jeremy and Bryan then met again and did a one day strategy session in San Diego, California (which we call a Funnel Day) with some of our internal team and we mapped out the entire year of product development, funnel development, webinar development, branding and everything from A to Z to launch successfully including our go to market advertising strategy.


One day turned into two days and we mutually decided to partner with Jeremy to launch his sales training company to help the world improve their ability to communicate and sell.


Receiving The 8 Figure Club Award At Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018



We’ve done it for Russell and ClickFunnels, we’ve done it for hundreds of others and we can architect, design and build a Custom Marketing Funnel Strategy & Blueprint for you too. 

You see, we’re looking for a few more “dream” clients that we can bring in massive results and success for.


If that’s you, we will personally work with you one-on-one to help you architect, design and implement a Custom Marketing Funnel Strategy & Blueprint specifically designed for your business.

Simply click the get a quote button or link here to schedule a call with one of our Funnel Experts and it would be an honor to talk about how we can help you reach your goals with ClickFunnels.



You see we believe your expertise powered by the “right system” can change the world.  You have a message or you have a product or service that can help others right? 

We believe that with the right system you can reach and impact more people, but what’s missing for you is the system to get in front of the right people day in and day out. 

You miss the automation of funnels to run your business and you’re probably like many of the people who come to us who are frustrated and just not sure where to turn to, to get it all done and LIVE.

This is where we shine.  First, we help you with putting together the right strategy so you can go to market confidently without hesitation or doubt.
So, get a quote today and jump on a quick 30-minute (NO PITCH) strategy session for your business today!


Bryan Dulaney

CEO, Perfect Funnel System



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