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3 Secrets That Helped Us Build An 8 Figure Business And Get Into ClickFunnels 8 Figure Club

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I always dreamed of owning an 8 figure business since I began to create my life and think about what I could create coming out of being under the leadership of Jerry Falwell Senior who founded Liberty University and created one of the largest debt-free Christian Universities in the World.
I can remember from the beginning of my personal development journey in 2005 when I discovered this world of knowledge, wisdom and expansion of understanding which then led me to discovering who I am and who I could create myself to be. Then, I met Tony Robbins.
I instantly fell in love with Tony’s work and consumed everything he created that I could get my hands on. In many ways, I did what he did when he started his journey on the path to personal development. It was intense and exciting adventure of uncovering the unknown to me and I got super curious, which I believe is a critical golden key to unlock your destiny.
Now, you see I learned from Tony the power of declarations and I began declaring who I am and who I want to be. One of my first declarations that I created for myself and I would say during my morning rituals was, “I AM Powerful, Prosperous, and Productive Producing $1 Million Per Month!”
Now, at the time I was at Liberty University working on Bachelors Degree in Marketing and all the income I had was from the student loans and the small amount of income from part-time personal training, which was just enough spare change to get a few nice dinners out on the town with some friends. It really wasn’t much to write home about.

So, two things that Tony Robbins taught me was to declare:

#1: Who I AM therefore I came up with, “I AM Powerful, Prosperous & Productive!”
#2: Declare A Future Outcome As If I Already Achieved It therefore I came up with, “Producing $1 Million Per Month!”
When you put both who I am and declaring a future outcome I desired it sounds like, “I am powerful, prosperous and productive producing $1 million per month!”
STOP right here and try speaking that out loud right now yourself and see how that feels.
“I am powerful, prosperous and productive producing $1 million per month!”
How does that feel? What comes up for you when you speak that out loud?
Now, say it with a little more passion and this time I want you to increase your level of intensity as you say it and I want you to use your hands and entire body to declare, “I am powerful, prosperous, and productive producing $1 million per month!”
How did that feel? Did it feel better? Did you feel stronger doing it?
I would bet, after saying this declaration thousands of times and after rewiring your subconscious mind (which I will share in another blog post at another time so be sure to subscribe) that it made you feel more alive, more charged, stronger… right?
I know that’s the experience for me and I also know that you will need to say declarations that feed and fuel your heart, mind and soul.  Create one now.
There is power in creating your own declaration.

Secret #1: Declare & Embody Who You Are & Who You Want To Be

Clearly in 2005, just a college student, I wasn’t earning anywhere near $1 million per month but one thing I had going for me was BELIEF and FAITH. Belief that I was more than capable, and Faith that it would come to pass. That one day I would be earning $1 million per month and more passively from the things that I have created.
You see, growing up my Dad always taught me, “There is NO such thing as ‘I can’t’ there’s only ‘I can and I will.’ Now, Dad was saying that from a perspective of getting me to do chores around the house, of course, but I took that belief and I ran with it in other areas of my life that mattered much much more.
I would encourage you to embrace a few possibly new beliefs. These beliefs I contribute to my success and abundance in my life and I hope they will contribute success and abundance to the life you are creating.

Belief #1: You Can Be, Do Or Experience Anything Your Heart Desires.

In fact, I love what scripture says about this topic of you having what you want and about your hearts desires. In Matthew 21 it says, “Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen. If you believe, you will receive” whatever you ask in prayer.”
Then Psalm 37:4 also says, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Therefore, believe whatever your heart desires is possible and you can have that as long as is aligns with what is of God and what is good. In another post we’ll talk about how to ask for what you truly desire deep down in your heart and the true power you have within you that you must claim and own 100% with every fiber in your being or you will never own it. I want you to own it with every fiber of your being.
The other belief I would like you to try on and see where it takes you.

Belief #2: There Is No Such Thing As ‘I Can’t’ Only ‘I CAN and I WILL’.

Now, to anchor this belief I want you to put a reminder in your phone that comes on everyday in the morning sometime that says, “I CAN AND I WILL!”
Also, I want you to speak this belief out loud right now, “I CAN AND I WILL!” Do that 10x right now wherever you are and do it with some gusto. Do it with some passion. Use your hands. Use your entire body to communicate this new belief that will bless your life.
Imagine if you embraced this belief today. What can you say, “YES” to? What can you take on as a challenge to do or to accomplish today? Try it out for size. When you hear the words, “I can’t” coming out of your mouth, or better yet when they come to your mind say, “CANCEL” and challenge yourself to think about what you can do or will do in that moment.
This leads me to Secret #2 that helped us build an 8 Figure Business & get into the ClickFunnels 8 Figure Club that Russell Brunson awarded us with this year at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018 in Orlando, Florida… that only 17 people out of the community of more than 60,000 people have had the honor to receive from the results they’ve produced.

Secret #2: Setup An Automated Lead Generation System To Solve People’s Problems… In This Case, Bigger Is Better!

One of the things that I learned early on from my mentor was to be a solution provider. People have all kinds of problems and depending on the problems I solve, will determine the income I am able to produce.
As T. Harv Eker taught me, “You are paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver to the marketplace. The more value you provide, the wealthier you become.”
Also, the bigger the problems that I solve, the better the payout or the reward for helping other people solve those problems.
One thing we did in the beginning was create a funnel and website that would get in front of people who needed help with creating their own funnel and their own offers in order to launch their expertise, sell their products or services, and become wealthy in the process while leveraging the power of the internet and digital marketing as I have done since 2006.
What I realized was that while every Tom, Dick & Hairy has a website not everyone has a funnel that produces cash flow for themselves, and as soon as we started getting in front of those people who needed that help (with funnels and creating winning offers that convert leads into sales), money began flowing to us.
It was as if the floodgate was opened. You see, we found a problem people were experiencing and we decided that we would help them solve those problems.
Now, as I mentioned, the more problems you solve the wealthier you become. So, what problems can you solve right now? Do you have a way of getting in front of people who have those problems?
Make a list of the top 10 problems that you can solve for others.
Here’s a list of some of the problems that we solve for experts, authors, speakers, coaches and purpose driven entrepreneurs:
Problem #1: Building a funnel that converts leads into sales.
Problem #2: Designing a brand that resonates with a market and stands out amongst competitors as the absolute best.
Problem #3: Creating an offer (product or service) that has a high perceived value and produces results far greater in use value than the cash value people pay.
Problem #4: Scripting videos that connect with others and get them excited to go deeper in the journey with prospects.
Problem #5: Creating a Webinar that turns attendees (listeners) into buyers rather than just a bunch of looky loos.
Problem #6: Building a membership site that truly showcases your best work.
Problem #7: Getting in front of the right people who are in the market for what you have to offer.
Problem #8: Setting up the tracking and analytics software to know what’s working vs. what’s not working.
Problem #9: Advertising on Facebook to generate leads and build an audience.
Problem #10: Remarketing strategically to lower the lead acquisition rate and control the markets perception of your business.
And the list goes on and on and on. Now, when we speak to these problems in the market and we are also able to solve these problems what do you think begins to happen?
We become the Trusted Authority on the subject and we become the GO TO Expert who can help them on their journey to solving these problems. It’s really that simple. The more problems you solve, the wealthier you become.
So, go ahead and make a list of the problems you solve. Then create a list of the solutions to those problems.
For example: If the problem is creating a webinar that turns listeners into buyers then the solution becomes a series of 4 or 5 stories that excite and inspire people to say, “Yes” and invest when you make an offer.
Fortunately for us, we have invested 8 years of testing webinars since 2010 when we launched our first webinar that generated about $150,000 in less than 90 days with less than $5,000 out of pocket. I will share that story and the secrets behind making that happen in another post. So, be sure to subscribe or get on the list to be notified when that becomes available.
Summary of Secret #2: You need an automated system that’s predictable, scalable and sustainable that you can rely on to produce the results that you are looking for.
If you need some help creating an automated system for generating leads and converting sales (we call that a Perfect Funnel System) be sure to hit us up and schedule a free strategy session with one of our digital marketing experts who can guide you on this journey.

Secret #3: Charge What You’re Worth & Based On Results

One thing I focused on early on in my digital marketing career was producing results. You see, I was forced to produce results out of college, because I didn’t have anything to fall back on.
I invested in courses, I invested in mentors and I invested in going to events to learn what was working at that time and I learned from others, which is always the fastest path to success.
If you don’t have a mentor right now, I highly encourage you find one that can guide you on your path. Be sure that your mentor has been where you want to be and is where you want to be. Don’t hire someone who hasn’t hit 7 or 8 figures if you have a goal of getting to 7 or 8 figures in your business.
Don’t hire a coach or mentor who isn’t living the lifestyle you desire. Hire the mentor that is living the life you desire to be experiencing. That is the fastest path to your success and even my Next Level of Abundance and Prosperity.
The first thing I did, after making my first sale of $750 and having no clue how it happened, was I hired a mentor who was earning multiple 6 figures per month, and as a result he helped me generate $10,000 in less than 5 days. After that I went onto landing my first client out of college who invested $8,000 per month to hire me for my services. That’s a cool story I will share for another time.
Imagine… your first client pays you $8,000 a month. What would that do for your life? For me at that time, I hired my dad who came out of early retirement and to me that was a real blessing to be able to support him and work with him at the same time. Again, I’ll share more about that story in another post so be sure to subscribe or get on the list to get notified when it becomes available.
I would encourage you to “like” my Facebook page and get notifications from Facebook since they do such a great job at notifying us about updates.
Listen, you can change more and it’s ok as long as you are able to produce results that are greater than what you charge. In fact, I agree with this quote from the best selling book, “The Science of Getting Rich.”
It says to deliver in value more than you are paid in cash value that you are paid – look up!
I agree with that wholeheartedly and it’s what I focused on early on when I first started and I continue to focus on these laws of creating Wealth. I would encourage you to read that book over and over again. I encourage you to also listen to it on audio until it’s deeply embedded into your thought process.
When I started to rewire my subconscious mind, I read this book 10x while listening to the audio to really embed it into my mind, heart and body. That was just my way of full integrating into way of being. Feel free to do it your way, but consider what it will take to consistently be in the mindset all the time to produce massive results for yourself and others.

As they say, “success leaves clues!” 😉

Now, one thing leads to the next, and success after success will lead you to being able to charge more for your services.
I would challenge you that there’s a completely different way that you could be charging for your services. If you own an agency such as a branding agency or digital marketing agency or funnel business or any time of agency you can register for our webinar where we expose the truth behind how to fill your agency full of hot, ready to buy prospects who see your value and pay you what you’re worth (qualified prospects)… which is probably a LOT more than what you are currently charging.
If when I say, “people write me checks between $100,000 and $1,000,000” and that makes you think, “WOW, there’s no way someone would pay me that.” I would challenge and encourage you to shift that thinking and join us on one of our upcoming LIVE webinars where I show you how to charge premium and elite prices for what you offer… as long as you produce results.
That is the key to charging premium and elite prices.
Oh and P.S. I do offer coaching to help you get to the Next Level whether that’s 7 figures in your business or you are ready to go to an even greater level and want to achieve the 8 Figure Status… and I can help you get there, because I’ve been there multiple times for clients I’ve helped and for myself. That’s what you want when you are looking for a mentor or a coach.
The benefit to hiring me as your coach is that I bring my training in High Performance Coaching as a Certified High Performance Coach to your table as well so you can increase your levels of clarity, energy, necessity, courage, influence and productivity.
You should also know that High Performance Coaching is the ONLY science backed curriculum where the outcomes are clear and it is a challenge-based with a forward oriented approach.
Hit me up if coaching is something that you would benefit from and Apply Now to see if you qualify and if we are truly a good fit to get you where you are looking to go. Not everyone is a good fit and I now always make sure that we jive together and be able to work together well just as any great coach will need from you.
In Summary: you can be, do and experience anything your heart desires. You can hit 7 figures in your business with your expertise. You can hit 8 figures in your business with your expertise or whatever you sell to your market. It’s possible and I’m living proof that it is possible.
Now, I am a man on a mission to help more experts become World Changers. In case you were wondering, “what is a world changer?”
A World Changer is someone who gives generously, live epically and is wealthy in all areas of life. Not just financial wealth but wealthy spiritually, relationally, financially and in your body (physically) too.
To learn more about becoming a World Changer tune into my podcast and be sure to follow my updates on my Facebook page where I publish Facebook Lives and content just like this where I share from my heart, mind and soul… the only way to share!
Until next time…
Take action & get results,
Bryan Dulaney

CHPC, 8 Figure Club Coach

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